Trade Resources Industry Views Sacmi to Exhibit Its Beverage and Closure Solutions Expo Pack Mexico 2018

Sacmi to Exhibit Its Beverage and Closure Solutions Expo Pack Mexico 2018

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Sacmi is set to showcase its beverage and closure solutions at this year’s Expo Pack Mexico event.

The world's third biggest market for SACMI Closures&Containers solutions and a key sales area for the entire SACMI Beverage range, Mexico is expected to attract over 16,000 professionals to Expo Pack Mexico 2018, the most important packaging and processing fair being held in the country this year. The event will take place from 5th to 8th June in Mexico City.

With a strong, long-standing presence in the country (SACMI de Mexico was established over 27 years ago), the Group will be at Expo Pack Mexico stand n° 3108. Here, visitors will be able to get a close look at SACMI's complete plant engineering and technology range, which includes numerous new products and services designed for Industry 4.0.

A continuous process offering outstanding repeatability, precision and reduced weight and cost: these are the goals of Sacmi's ongoing research in the Closures sector, the results of which are incorporated in the latest generation of CCM (continuous compression moulding) presses. Equipped with the COOL+ mould, CCM presses have the lowest running costs on the market and consume little energy, all thanks to the intrinsic advantages of this technology, which operates at lower temperatures than injection.

Because it's possible to set the parameters of each individual cavity directly from the operator interface, the solution allows real-time management and monitoring of output quality. The Sacmi team designs the cap and cap-preform system together with the customer, allowing production to evolve towards high-added-value items that combine excellent performance with low weight.

Sacmi CBF (compression blow forming), instead, the revolutionary container manufacturing system that uses a compression system which starts directly with the pellets, has succeeded in extending the advantages of this technology into areas beyond cap production. Precise and versatile, CBF combines the best features of alternative technologies such as EBM, IBM and ISBM with an ability to operate with all the main commercially available resins.

Thanks to excellent thermodynamic stability throughout the process, no gate on container bottoms, high productivity and precision-moulded necks, this technology is already starting to make a marked difference in the industry, especially in the dairy and pharma sectors; some thirty such solutions have already been installed in the USA, India, China, Japan and other countries. More generally, CBF gives manufacturers the opportunity to produce stretch-blown containers at low cost; performance remaining equal, these can be up to 20% lighter, maximise precision and uniformity of thickness and offer perfect process repeatability.

To ensure total quality Sacmi completes its machines and plants with a comprehensive range of vision systems, designed to work at high speed, directly on the line. Modules such as CHS and BVS (for cap and container quality control respectively) allow, via SACMI CVS3000 inspection software and high resolution image capture devices (up to 5 MP), accurate control of even the tiniest defects. All Sacmi inspection systems can be equipped with the advanced CVS360-3D module. Fully designed and developed by the Group's Automation & Inspection Systems Division, it can, thanks to perfect 2D reconstruction of the three-dimensional item, perform precision inspection of an object perimeter even where its shape is complex.

Once again, then, SACMI places its confidence in the dynamic Central American beverage and packaging market, characterised by burgeoning demand for integrated solutions that respond to the needs of both bottlers and converters. With SACMI De Mexico – which has a 60-strong technical/sales team – the Group also provides further added value in the form of a swift spare parts and assistance service and close customer support right from the design phase.

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