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Free NetFlix Codes Given Away for LG 4k TV Customers

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Since LG is offering this deal on 4K TVs, you’ll have a great way to check out Netflix’s ultra-high resolution video content.There’s not a huge amount of 4K content on Netflix right now, but notable offerings include House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and the soon-to-launch Daredevil TV series.

At CES 2015 — now less than a month away! — LG says it will show off a 55-inch 8K TV, and a 4K TV that uses quantum dots to improve image quality and color saturation. In both cases, we are talking about IPS LCD panels, rather than OLED technology, which should mean that both the 4K and 8K displays are reasonably priced. The 8K display is also notable because it’s small — with a diagonal of 55 inches, this thing not only has an incredibly high resolution for a TV (160 PPI), but it will actually fit in most households, unlike the 85- and 98-inch 8K TVs that we’ve seen previously.

As somebody who got into this business by covering Palm and webOS, it's safe to say I was at least mildly interested in where LG was going to take webOS. LG bought webOS from HP nearly a year ago, but the two had been working together for months before to bring webOS to LG's TV line-up.

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