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KHS Offers Siemens and Rockwell Technology in Packaging Machines

Filling and packaging systems manufacturer KHS Group is offering the drive technology for its packaging plant technology in two different variants.

Earlier, the company used hybrid system, which included programmable logic controller (PLC) and visualization either from Siemens or Rockwell.

KHS has used Indramat motors from Bosch Rexroth as standard for the servotechnology.

Currently, the company has decided to use PLCs and Simotion D from Siemens in its lines, as part of further technical development and standardization efforts.

Since 2008, the company has been using Rockwell system in servodrive technology on KHS filling systems. It was used at the KHS production site in Waukesha in Wisconsin, US.

KHS Kleve packaging product manager Karl-Heinz Klumpe said: “We’ve thus now been able to find an equivalent system specially for the North American market, which is dominated by Rockwell Automation, in order to continue to fully satisfy the demands of our customers.”

“We can now service any request worldwide with our systems because we supply two respectively universal systems with components from the two leading manufacturers.”

KHS servodrives with latest Rockwell Kinetix 5700 generation and Siemens Simotion D series will offer long-term security for the customers, said the company.

KHS produces filling and packaging systems for the beverage, food and non-food industries.

With multiple subsidiaries outside Germany, KHS Group includes firms such as KHS GmbH, KHS Corpoplast GmbH and NMP Systems GmbH.

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