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Walki Commissions New Production Facility in Valkeakoski

The new production unit in Walki’s Valkeakoski plant has made the first deliveries to customers.

The new production line comes with the latest technology when it comes to quality measurement and process control systems, ensuring high and consistent quality.

"The technology in the production line enables us to meticulously control the quality of the runs. Every single data parameter from every run is stored, which enables us to go back and track changes", says Kari Salminen, Executive Vice President, Construction.

The demand for multilayer laminates is increasing as the European construction industry is preparing itself to meet the so called 202020 targets, that among other things aim at a 20% improvement in energy efficiency. Efficient housing insulation is the key in keeping heating costs down.

The highly flexible production line also caters to several different product segments in addition to the construction industry, such as flexpack and medical products.

“The extrusion possibilities are also vast", says Kari Salminen.

The new production line will increase capacity and Walki will be able to faster respond to customers’ needs. Customers can also expect shorter lead times.

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