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GEA Introduces New Multi-Functional System for Beverage Industry

GEA, a global equipment and process technology provider for the food industry and other industries, has introduced the latest generation of aseptic filling technology for the beverage industry.

The new Fillstar CX EVO system can be used for different types of products ranging from to still aseptic beverages and vice-versa.

The new machine, which uses a counter-pressure volumetric electronic filling valve, has been tried and tested for carbonated beverages.

With advanced filling technology, the new multi-functional system can manage high and low acid beverages, and aseptic soft drinks with varying carbonation levels.

The multi-functional machine holds the capacity to produce 54,000 bottles per hour.

GEA’s new machine holds capacity to fill products with fibers up to 2mm long and diameters up to 3mm.

The system can also fill fruit pieces with a volume of up to 10x10x10mm when incorporated with an aseptic piston doser.

The company supplied a Fillstar CX EVO with an aseptic piston doser to a company in Southeast Asia.

GEA blowing, filling and packing vice president Alessandro Bellò said: “Fashionable products, such as liquid food with cereals, fruit particles and berries, RTD teas or milk-based low acid beverages are becoming ever more common on supermarket shelves.

“Producers are reacting by replacing standard products and shifting their production processes to allow for greater flexibility and innovation.”

GEA provides process technology for the food industry and other different industries.

The company produces automation and control systems, brewing systems, centrifuges and separation equipment, as well as chillers and heat pumps.

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