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KHS Invents The Mobile Manager

Does everything always run smoothly when you're not at your plant? When a client asks for an update on his order, do you always know the answer immediately?

KHS has worked out how to keep you in the know about the status of your filling and packaging lines, and any individual machines also, no matter where you are or what time of the day or night it is.

It's an app and clearly, its name - KHS everywhere - is apt.

KHS everywhere communicates with all KHS lines and machines that are equipped with the new ClearLine HMI or Human Machine Interface machine operating system.

To use KHS everywhere, you just need: an internet connection that provides signals from lines and machines, a link to the company's in-house network and a KHS everywhere server. 

The software itself can be downloaded like a classic app for Apple devices with an IOS operating system (version 6 or higher).

In order to ensure maximum security the server links up with your smartphone using VPN technology or secure wireless networks, and a user name and password.

To find the information you want to know, you just touch and scroll down the screen. The first section of the app displays all of the filling and packaging lines connected up to the system.

You can then choose which of your lines or machines you want to look at in more detail. The app jumps to the specific line with its various machines, and describes its current state using colour. If the machine symbol is outlined in blue, for example, this means that there is a fault and the operator has to intervene. Yellow indicates a temporary warning and may occur if a machine needs materials refilling in the near future, for instance. Green stands for "all's well" and red is "red alert", i.e. on an emergency stop.

The state of each individual machine may be examined in detail. Process parameters are also accessible, such as pressures and temperatures, as are current counter readings and the container types being run.

KHS everywhere was designed for managers who want to keep a permanent eye on what their plant machinery is doing. Since launch, the app has become popular with shift supervisors and operators too. The KHS everywhere app is updatable and is under constant development to keep it up to date.

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