Trade Resources Industry Views WaveGrip Enters US with Palmer Canning Systems Collaboration

WaveGrip Enters US with Palmer Canning Systems Collaboration

England based packaging firm WaveGrip has teamed up with Palmer Canning Systems, a provider of can filling and seaming technology solutions, to set its footprint in the US market.

According to the agreement, the G1 and G2 variants of the WaveGrip applicator will be manufactured by Palmer Canning at its Lafayette plant in Indiana.

Palmer Canning will be available at stand 213 in Southern Brewers Conference, Nashville on 23-25 August, and at stall 813 in California Craft Beer Summit in Sacramento on 7-9 September.

WaveGrip uses a lighter, stronger, recyclable, space-efficient and photodegradable substitute to enhance the features of multi-packaging canned beverages.

The new applicators are simple, effective and reliable and will be apt for all size producers due to its low cost.

The G2 WaveGrip applicator will have the potential to accumulate 500 cans per minute into four, six, or eight packs.

The G1 variant of WaveGrip, that is a hand applicator, will be suitable for smaller craft producers and has the capacity to pack over 50 cans per minute manually.

WaveGrip managing director Aaron McIvor said: “We feel the company’s reputation for supporting its customers through canning line technology upgrades is a perfect match for our innovative solutions.

“Palmer Canning is also renowned for delivering cutting-edge excellence in its own right, such as the counter-pressure can filling systems that deliver accurate fill-volumes, low oxygen and very low spoilage, meaning that products reach customers in the very best condition.”

Palmer Canning owner and founder Mike Palmer said: “We feel that can collation has long needed an alternative to established collation technologies. WaveGrip not only offers truly scalable technologies that can grow with the producer, but its offering makes multi-packing cans cheaper, faster and more efficient than ever before.”

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