Trade Resources Industry Views RPC Superfos Designs New Packaging for Arla’S Lurpak Spreadables Infusions

RPC Superfos Designs New Packaging for Arla’S Lurpak Spreadables Infusions

RPC Superfos has designed new packaging for Arla Foods UK’s butter and spreadable brand, Lurpak Spreadables Infusions.

The company has provided CombiPac tub for packing a new range of Lurpak Spreadables Infusions.

Featuring silver base, the CombiPac tub is combination of plastic and cardboard that can be used for butter, yellow fats and dairy products.

The outer part is developed by using cardboard to provide light barrier protection, while the inner part is made by using thermoformed plastic sheet to protect the edible content and make the pack grease resistant.

According to RPC, the regular pack was slightly adapted to meet the precise needs of Arla Foods.

Arla Foods’ Lurpak senior global brand manager Daniel Morales-Gonzalez said: “Globally, the silver colour is recognised as a characteristic for Lurpak butter, so there was no doubt in our minds: the new pack for the new spreadable butter variants must match our existing packaging for Lurpak butter and spreadable butter.

“We offer our consumers a new taste experience, all the while making the connection to our iconic Lurpak brand through the silver shine. The CombiPac packaging solution from RPC Superfos gives us a positive stand out on-shelf.”

RPC group operates seven divisions, including RPC Ace, RPC Bebo, RPC bpi group, RPC Bramlage, RPC M&H, RPC Promens and RPC Superfos.

RPC Superfos is engaged in the designing and manufacturing of packaging solutions for a range of food and non-food applications.

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