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Dangers of Coolants and Precautionary Steps

These days, the government is cracking down real hard on companies which don't confirm to environmental standards. Every single nut, bolt and oil that you use in your factory has to confirm to the standards, else your company could be facing millions of dollars in terms of fines and dues if caught by auditors. Auditors too are extremely strict - they sometimes also show up on surprise visits when you are least expecting them. Hence, maintaining safety standards as well as confirming to environmental laws is an absolute must. Apart from compliance requirements, these laws also help you ensure that the products you manufacture are a 100% safe and don't cause any hard to the surroundings or the people who live around the factory.

Dangers Of Coolants

The first step here is to ensure that you check every inch and drop of supply that is purchased for manufacture. There are a lot of coolants, for example, which can cause an unforeseeable amount of destruction if precautions are not taken. These coolants, which are generally used in various batch manufacturing processes sometimes leak or seep into the ground under the containers in which they are mixed. Else, they may get mixed with industrial wastes. Such coolants, over time, develop strongly acidic properties which tend to destroy materials which the touch. Some of these also provide to be breeding grounds for bacteria and other microbes which can pollute the air around and make working conditions hazardous for your employees. They can also enter the sewage or ground water, and cause immense pollution. If untreated, over time, this can cause a serious living hazard and can endanger the lives of several people who live in the area. This would also destroy the local flora and fauna.

Precautionary Steps

With the help of standard industrial oil skimmers, you can now ensure that the side effects of coolants can be taken care off. Adding some industrial oil skimmers to the batch while carrying out the manufacturing process would ensure that the destructive properties of the coolants are taken care of. Alternately, you can add in a line item in your plant's daily maintenance schedule which requires the staff to clean the machinery in which coolants were added with these products. This would be the best procedure, because the other method involving weekly removal through machinery is tedious and very expensive. These products are very cheap, and can be purchased online through industry approved suppliers. You can also order them in bulk online, and work a deal with the company so that they send in a regular supply on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. Since this task is extremely crucial, you will need to spend some time with your purchase department and plant managers to assess the optimum levels for stocking, and the frequency of purchase. You must also do a thorough evaluation of the suppliers before you fixate on one, since there are several variants of industrial oil skimmers, and some of them can only be used for certain types of coolants.

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