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Spectra Creates New Packs for Betteryou's Spray Products

Spectra Packaging has created new packs for BetterYou’s magnesium oil spray products using its Tubular design.

The 100ml packs, made with high-density polyethylenein (HDPE), were adapted and tooled to accept tamper evident spray pumps. 

The packs include five products, including Original, Recovery, Joint, Sensitive and Goodnight and are part of the BetterYou transdermal magnesium product offering .

The transdermal magnesium is used to increase the magnesium levels. After applying it directly on the skin magnesium chloride gets absorbed quickly into the blood vessels and muscle beneath.

Spectra field sales representative Alex Beveridge said: “BetterYou approached us wanting an outcome specific to their requirements. Having chosen our 100ml Tubular, our in-house tooling department then tooled a new neck to accommodate the desired spray pump.

“The key for us is to ensure we deliver solutions tailored to our customer’s needs, this project perfectly illustrates our desire to do that”. 

With the help of Spectra’s developed packaging standards in-house tooling experts can customize tool necks with a different variety of neck finishes as per the customer requirement.

The company can provide a range of extrusion or injection moulded packs with a different variety of neck finishes.

Recently, Spectra Packaging has designed new eco-friendly bottle for natural skin care brand Pure Lakes.

The company used biopolymer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to produce the new tubular design bottle for Pure Lakes.

The new bottles have been two pass printed in multiple variants to be used for a range of personal care products produced by Pure Lakes.

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