Trade Resources Industry Views Voith Commissions PM 53 Paper Machine at Holmen's Mill in Sweden

Voith Commissions PM 53 Paper Machine at Holmen's Mill in Sweden

German engineering firm Voith has commissioned PM 53 paper machine at Holmen Paper's mill in Braviken, Sweden.

The PM 53 is capable of producing a variety of paper grades ranging from newsprint to sophisticated SC papers, including the recently developed Holmen UNIQ SC paper.

The paper grade with basis weight ranging from 43 - 50 g/m2 is suitable for magazines, catalogs and advertising supplements.

Work under the three-week upgrade also included the replacement of EcoSoft calenders with a Janus MK 2 calender with a 45° incline of the roll stack. The new calender will enable the reuse of existing Nipco rolls while achieving a 40% higher line load.

The inclined stack configuration also helps in achieving reduced susceptibility to vibrations and shorter roll change times.

Voith also relocated the MasterReel reel winder and installed a LunaReel rubber roll cover, which is required to produce quality paper grades.

The PM 53 can switch the calender between single, double or multi-nip operating modes at any time without interrupting production to produce paper qualities ranging from matt to glossy and from low to high density, Voith said.

Graphic papers producer Holmen Paper, a part of the Swedish Holmen Group, has mills in Braviken and Hallsta in Sweden and Madrid, Spain.

Voith Paper is working on optimizing the paper manufacturing process and is developing re-source-saving products to reduce the use of energy, water, and fibers.

Earlier this year, Voith agreed to upgrade existing production lines at Huatai Paper in China.

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