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There Is The More and More Stationery Shops in Office Supplies Market

Nowadays, there is the more and more stationery shops in office supplies market.In rececent year,there are the broad market in stationery products.The student stationery and office stationery are the main product in market.

If around the school, student stationery should be the main products.And the office stationery always sell well around the senior office.Of course, other proudcts also be prepare,then to add other proudcts according to the customr response.

In general, there are should remain at about 50 kinds of products in the store.Other stationery can be prepare.The common stationery need be have more than 5000 yuan in stock.Too much goods would caused a lot of inventory,especially for the low price products such as pens,sticky notes,gule tape and so on.

It is obviously that stationery shore also survive rely on toys.So,puchase stationery stock is the vital problem for stationery shopkeeper,especially the safety problems for the toys. 

China is the biggest stationery proudction country in the world.There are more than than 6000 stationery manufacturers and nearly 70% are production the cheap products.So,puchase stock is easy for owner.But as the domestic manufacturer is the labor intensive industry with low technology.To find the best stock is not easy.

Shopkeeper should to find the best stock.Because most of the stationery shop is the retail form,stationery shopkeeper always do the business with wholesalers, this is a traditional practice.Stationery shopkeeper can choose more sationery brand and more comparison,then to find the best stationery proudcts. 

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