Trade Resources Industry Views China Unicom Push New Services: Harassing Phone Calls From The Source to Solve?

China Unicom Push New Services: Harassing Phone Calls From The Source to Solve?

Eloquent network []Telephone harassment has been a very difficult problem for the current mobile phone users, a large proportion of users have been unknown sources of financing, insurance, real estate and even fraud telephone harassment. Anti harassment APP solution is one of the current mobile phone built-in or install third party, but there are still some users do not understand the installation or open related functions, and China Unicom to solve this problem, has begun to provide anti harassment alert service can help users to intercept off some annoying harassment or fraud calls, to solve the problem from the the source.

The specific use of this function is more convenient, even if China Unicom users not installed telephone harassment intercept APP, will pop up a power identified as harassing phone calls in a prompt box, and remind the user calls "XXX was labeled as...", to determine whether the answer, China Unicom telephone harassment database from Sogou and 360, guarantee the recognition rate.

At present, China Unicom will send a message to inform the user whether to open the anti harassment alert service, this function is currently free, so the user can receive the reminder of the assured opened, but whether the future will be changed as the charge remains to be seen.

The front view:From the operator side will prevent harassing phone functions to join, China Unicom, this new service is not a human, but it will also help more ordinary users to protect their information security.

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