Trade Resources Industry Views Valmet to Deliver Automation System for Blue Paper's Strasbourg Mill in France

Valmet to Deliver Automation System for Blue Paper's Strasbourg Mill in France

Valmet has received a contract to supply DNA control system for Blue Paper's new Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) boiler, which is being developed at Strasbourg mill in France.

Blue Paper is developing a new 22MW steam production plant based on SRF to replace the two gas boilers of the Strasbourg mill. The new production plant will have capacity to produce 30 tons/h of steam.

The Strasbourg mill is equipped to produce corrugated case materials, which are made from 100% recovered paper in an environmentally friendly process, Valmet said.

Under the contract, Valme will supply an 800 I/O's Valmet DNA automation system designed to control the new steam production plant. It will be integrated to the current Valmet automation system used in the paper mill.

Blue Paper electrical and automation manager Vincent Muller said: "We already use Valmet DNA system to control the major part of our Energy and Paper making processes.

“It will be for sure an advantage for our operators and maintenance technicians to keep the same DCS environment also for the new SRF plant.”

The automation system is scheduled to be delivered in early 2018 while the steam production plant is planned for start-up in spring 2018.

Valmet automation sales account manager Patrick Rojo said: "I am pleased that Blue Paper selected our Valmet DNA for their biggest investment since machine start-up.

“After the successful project done with the machine rebuilt in 2013, the choice of Blue Paper strengthens us in our partnership and I am proud of the work accomplished by our teams."

Designed for power plant control and monitoring, the Valmet DNA system improves the cost efficiency of the power plant's operation as well as simplifies the system maintenance.

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