Trade Resources Industry Views New Genlyon C500 Is Well Loved on The Northwest Debut Show

New Genlyon C500 Is Well Loved on The Northwest Debut Show

On November 5, “SAIC Hongyan Cup” the truck driver Elite Challenge Northwest Zone tournament was open in Urumqi.

The "SAIC Hongyan Cup" driver elite challenge attracted the SAIC Hongyan sales manager and dealers from Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia and other places to watch.

The sales and service general manager of SAIC Hongyan Xinjiang branch, Peng dongjun said, “The sales of Hongyan were up by 50% year on year. Through today competition, we offer a depth test drive opportunity to the customers. We found that the user is highly recognized for new Genlyon C500. There are many players expressed the intention to purchase.”

New Genlyon C500 equipped with cursor11 liter engine has low fuel consumption, low emission, high torque, lightweight, durability, low noise, long life of lubricant and other leading properties and upgrade in power, safety, comfort, service and value five aspects. We can say that New Genlyon C500 has limitless future.

It’s worth mentioning that the competition truck was purchased by the player who became the first one to own new Genlyon C500 in Northwest district. According to statistics, in the competition scene, a total of 16 new Genlyon C500 trucks were signed.

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