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The Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumour Train Is Already Building up a Head of Steam

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The dust has only just settled on Samsung’s excellent Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, but the rumour mill has already started whirring concerning its successor.

Korean publication The Bell reports that work is already underway on what could well be the S9 (H/T SamMobile). It is claimed that the upcoming flagship will be codenamed ‘Star’, and ‘Star 2’ for the larger S9 Plus model.

The post adds that development is already ahead of schedule compared to previous years, although such rumours are common in the early development cycle of new products.

If true, though, this might suggest that ‘Star’ could land sooner than April 2018, which is when Samsung's 2017 product release cycle indicates it's likely to be released.

However, we should stress that these rumours can't be confirmed and should naturally be taken with many pinches of salt.

Specific details on what Star will feature or what it might look like are thin on the ground, but we reckon it will be more of an incremental update focusing on improving the fingerprint scanner (an in-display reader has been mooted, potentially being debuted with the Note 8) and the already-beautiful Infinity Display.

Indeed, if the S9 is anything like its predecessor, then Samsung will again be looking to push the boundaries of what a premium handset can offer.

We certainly wouldn’t recommend holding off picking up the S8 or S8 Plus, though, as they're two of the best phones you can buy right now, with our mobile editor Max Parker writing that the S8 is: “Easily the best phone around right now. It feels like the future.”

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