Trade Resources Industry Views WMF Launched The 1200s Coffee Machine to Give Operators of The Smallest Business

WMF Launched The 1200s Coffee Machine to Give Operators of The Smallest Business

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German coffee machine manufacturer WMF has launched the 1200s coffee machine in the UK to give operators of the smallest hospitality businesses the chance to offer bean to cup coffee to their customers.

The 1200s is the newest addition to the WMF family and is designed to open up the bean to cup opportunity for operators of even the smallest businesses

Product details:

WMF's 1200s is the newest and smallest addition to the manufacturer's family of bean to cup coffee machines. An entry-level machine, the 1200s has many of the same features as the larger machines, but with much of the complexity stripped out, making it more simple to use. The black machine measures 324mm x 554mm, can be supplied either plumbed in or with a 4 litre capacity tank and has a daily capacity of 100 cups. It can produce six of the following options: hot water for tea, espresso, cappuccino, café crème, café latte, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato, milky hot chocolate and chocciato.  


The 1200s has been produced to open up the quality coffee market to more hospitality outlets, particularly those for whom coffee is not core to their business, or who want to offer a self-service option. 


The fresh milk machines (with 1 bean and 1 choc hopper) start at 2,750. 


Why you should buy it:

Florian Lehmann, managing director, WMF UK Limited, says: "We wanted to launch a machine that offered many of the benefits of our larger machines but without the complexities so we have made the 1200S much simpler to use for the operator, but also for the customer where sited in a self-service environment.  This means that it is now easier for the smaller operator, for those with a relatively low take-up or for those whose main business may not be coffee, to take advantage of the bean to cup opportunity."

More information:

The 1200s is available with WMF's optional Plug & Clean system and has a height adjustable spout for various sizes of drink, between 59-169mm.  It can also be supplied with a bolt-on cup holder, milk cooler and coin mechanism for full self-service. 

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WMF Adds 1200s, Its Smallest Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, to Range