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Diagnosed? Samsung Note 7 Was Cold Fever

Samsung Note 7 explosion door is like a drama, yiboweiping another. The latest news today, a consumer China abnormal calmly witnessed the whole process of country line version of the Note 7 draft, he later said in the micro-blog Note7 mobile phone suddenly broke, the use of temperature up to 60 degrees, about 10 minutes after the shutdown of mobile phone recovery to normal temperature, but found the power down about 15%.

The broke the news of the user, the phone for the September 2nd arrival of the Jingdong version of coral blue. The specific cause of fever is unknown. There are users in the micro-blog message said, I use S4 when it appeared on this issue, suddenly hot, and then speed power down."

At the same time, the global consumers began to turn old, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy edge found the Samsung Note mobile phone 2 also fire or explosion accident. 23 of this month, the India IndiGo Airlines flight from Singapore to the Qing Nai flight in the morning when the phone caught fire incident occurred, the fire on the phone for Samsung GalaxyNote2.

For Samsung, the more disappointing is that this car Note 7 haven't washed the car, Samsung another product and fry.

Beijing time on September 26th, Delta Airlines Boeing 767-400 aircraft smoke during the flight cabin, scheduled flights from Detroit to Amsterdam DL138 flight was forced to drop Manchester. The airline said the smoke source is a card in the cabin seat between Samsung tablet.
Apparently, the tablet's "explosive equivalent" is greater than the Note 7

Details show that the Samsung Tablet PC card in the business class seat gap between, began to smoke, the passengers on board that can smell a strange smell. Some people suspect that the Samsung tablet from the last flight of passengers. After staying in Manchester for 2.5 hours, the flight continued to fly to Amsterdam, causing flight delays of 3 hours.

Samsung electronic equipment, why the frequent explosion?

This has to say, Samsung Note 7 mobile phone battery behind a cell phone with lithium battery manufacturing industry's hidden champion - Amperex Technology Limited (ATL).

In September 19th, the Hongkong based Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) announced on September 18, 2016, according to media reports China in combustion problems Galaxy Note 7 battery, "our company in conjunction with the customer Samsung on the problems of the samples were studied and judged the sample combustion and I produced the battery has no direct relationship. According to the trace of the burning of the sample, we speculate that the heat source comes from the outside of the battery body, which is very likely to cause the heating problem of other external factors."

ATL, the low key Chinese company is the world's largest polymer battery supplier. This is ATL for the first time publicly acknowledged that he is the Samsung Note 7 battery supplier. But at the same time or domineering relationship between Note 7 and the quality of the battery explosion.

Earlier, Samsung disclosed that this explosion Note 7 battery, were produced by Samsung's own SDI subsidiary; and ATL is Note 7 battery production, so far there is no confirmation after the burning explosion accident record.

Samsung said: "according to our survey, we found that the problems existing in the battery, when the anode and the cathode contact will appear battery overheating, causing an explosion, this is a very rare processing error."
Indeed, can point the SUV phone is very rare"

To this end, Samsung not only refused to recall the use of ATL battery Note 7 mobile phones, but also more Note 7 of the battery orders to ATL, a short period of time to produce so many batteries only ATL can do. ATL chief operating officer in an interview with the Reuters, said the confidentiality agreement limited, he did not comment on the specific customers. But he said that this month the company's business has increased significantly. We expect this situation will last 1 to 2 quarters, this will not cause any production problems."

In the Note 7 battery explosion, ATL once again proved its own technical strength. In addition to Samsung, apple, HUAWEI, OPPO, ViVo, millet and other mobile phone manufacturers, are using ATL's battery. Among them, apple from the Mp3 era began with the cooperation of ATL.

Do you think this was done? Not yet!

According to foreign media reports, after using a modified version of Note 7 for the user to replace the original defects of Note 7, but users still do not buy it.

South Korea has said that the replacement of the equipment after the replacement of the equipment, such as fever and power down too fast and so on.

Although Samsung Corp spokesman is stubborn, dismissed the idea that a modified version of mobile phone battery has the defects of the accused, said all these problems has nothing to do with the battery, and stressed that this case is large cardinal.

But the state line version of the Samsung Note 7 cold fever seems to confirm the Samsung mobile phone battery design may exist defects.

Currently, Samsung has resumed sales in the United States Note 7, October 1st will be in the South Korean market to resume sales work.

But before this, since the beginning of this month, Samsung announced the recall of Note 7, Samsung's market value has shrunk by $26 billion. Many other countries are waiting for mobile phone manufacturers are eager for a fight "pain Daluoshuigou"!

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