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Fun, Color and Friendship

Product innovations, quality materials, attention to color and design, functionality and modularity of the pieces ... the proposals of CIA International are always perfect to solve the problems of furniture of the rooms of the boys in a very original and surprising.

CIA International Inspires Your Imagination

Fun, color and friendship. There's just all the new Hello Kitty bedrooms: The world of design and the "glamor" of Hello Kitty marry creating impactful pieces and fashion, to custom cabinetry that characterize the environment and make it special, just like you! The popular Sanrio character has become one of the most interesting and unique characters ever created in the world, an international social symbol for women of all ages, ethnicities and economic and social contexts, as well as a source of inspiration for artists and designers.

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 And after over 35 years with the CIA International arrives in the furniture world with an elegant collection of original decoration. Hello Kitty can be found on many items in the collection CIA International: wardrobes, headboards for beds, chairs and armchairs, furniture on wheels, dressing table with mirror and stool.

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 Here's the always popular DC Comics characters to display them on cupboards, doors, seats. For example on the original and certainly functional mobile container wall made with the Display Cabinet and the Central Library with ante Flags for opening 180 °.

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 Spirited, flirtatious and "playful", the chair Pencil designed by Marco Cighetti, with custom fabrics with the characters of DC Comics  by  W.B.

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Collections made of solid wood, but with uptodate and fresh design.

The bunk bed in the collection Solidwood was revisited in a modern, very nice idea of the ladder built into the unit, which serves as a dividing wall to the desk area. Both beds are fitted with padded headboard.

Original and functional the bed Casper, a sofa that can serve as the occasion, thanks to the various possible positions of the tested tissue.

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 The loft bedroom is one of those places where imagination never stops . Obviously the furniture should reflect this objective, devising solutions that give kids fantastic horizons. Here, then, inspired by the moon, this innovative technology and loft Lem: it has a light and durable, made entirely of metal tubing, which is facilitated through the operations of transport and assembly goes perfectly with the image placed on the doors Display cabinet. Complete the bedroom a comfortable bed on wheels and a zone wall made with the wall uprights Rally.


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CIA International Inspires Your Imagination
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