Trade Resources Industry Views Mastoloni's "Emily" Ear Climbers Fit a Mother's Day Trend for This Year

Mastoloni's "Emily" Ear Climbers Fit a Mother's Day Trend for This Year

Mastoloni’s “Emily” ear climbers are made in 18-karat gold with cultured pearls and brilliant-cut diamonds ($975 retail). They fit a Mother’s Day trend for this year: subtle ear climbers.

Trendy Picks for Mother's Day Jewels

One industry trends expert said that personalized pieces, stackable bangles and sterling silver items will be the top choices for Mother’s Day jewelry gifts this year, in terms of both pricing and style.

Amanda Gizzi, director of public relations and special events at Jewelers of America, shared with National Jeweler a few of the jewelry trends that fit the bill for Mother’s Day. A longer list of trends is posted on the Jewelry Information Center’s Gift Guide website.

Here are some of the categories Gizzi identified as top picks for Mother’s Day.

Sentimental and personalized. Nowadays, Mother’s Day jewelry is about pieces set with birthstones or that incorporate a child’s name or initials, Gizzi says.

This can include popular bar pendants set with the birthstones of a mother’s children, jewelry with initials engraved on it and charms that offer birthstones, initials or both.

“That’s what people love--when extra attention has been put into the detail,” Gizzi says.

Sterling silver’s price points. Jewelry in the $150 to $300 price point range is a sweet spot for Mother’s Day, and sterling silver pieces fit the bill.

Stackable bracelets. Stacking bangles that feature birthstones or even initials are also at a great price point, and are a more subtle way to wear a child’s initials and/or birth month, as the pieces are “not so quite in your face,” Gizzi says.

Studs and climbers. Larger or oversized stud earrings and subtle ear climbers are great for moms who still want to be fashionable.

“Ear climbers can be different scales,” Gizzi says. “With smaller-scale climbers, it’s an easy way to incorporate the style in a flattering way, since every woman’s ear is a different shape.”

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Trendy Picks for Mother's Day Jewels
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