Trade Resources Industry Views Bosch Sprang Unveils New Thermoforming Tooling System for Coffee Cups

Bosch Sprang Unveils New Thermoforming Tooling System for Coffee Cups

Bosch Sprang, a subsidiary of Kiefel, has unveiled a new patent pending thermoforming tooling system to produce coffee cups.

The coffee cups produced by the system can be recycled in water separation systems, as they will have material density below 1.000kg/m3

The new tooling system, which is statistically analyzed and tested, can be used with tilting bed style thermoforming machines.

 Bosch Sprang’s new thermoforming tooling system features various multifunctional elements, which allow to control the specific mechanical properties of the coffee cups.

According to Kiefel, the mechanical properties ensure problem free usage of the cups in all commercial K-cup coffee systems.

The production of cups can be carried out in uniform manner based on balancing the sheet specification, process parameters and tool.

The production line is supported by a Kiefel KTR 6.1 Speed, Bosch Sprang 91 cavity tool and Mould & Matic downstream equipment.

Bosch Sprang’s production system holds a capacity to produce around one billion cups per annum.

 The KTR 6.1 Speed helps to process a range of materials such as (R) PET, PP, PS, PLA and PE and others, while the pick-up stacker allows to complete customized automation.

Kiefel is engaged in the designing and manufacturing of machines for processing plastic film materials.

The firm, which is expertise in the fields of forming and joining technologies, serves customers in the automotive , appliance, medical technology and the packaging industries.

Based in Freilassing of Germany, Kiefel has a network of sales and service centres in the US, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Brazil, China, Indonesia and India.

 Bosch Sprang is specialized in providing thermoforming tools for machines such as Illig, Gabler, Kiefel, Bellaform, OMV, TFT and Brown.

The firm can customize the tool as per the requirement of the customer’s machines. Its thermoforming tools  will support in the production of cups and containers, trays, lids and flower pots.

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