Trade Resources Industry Views MACOM Launches Dual 28Gbps CDR Devices With Integrated Laser Driver For SFP28

MACOM Launches Dual 28Gbps CDR Devices With Integrated Laser Driver For SFP28

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc of Lowell, MA, USA (which makes semiconductors, components and subassemblies for analog RF, microwave, millimeter-wave and photonic applications) has launched the MASC-37028 and MASC-37029, dual 28Gbps clock & data recovery (CDR) devices with integrated laser driver, suitable for SFP28 short-reach (SR) or long-reach (LR) module applications with flexibility in module design.

The dual reference-free CDR devices feature multi-rate re-timing, with the MASC-37028 re-timing from 24Gbps to 26.5Gbps and the MASC-37029 re-timing from 25.5Gbps to 28.1Gbps. The flexible output drive options with programmable output swing and eye-shaping feature support vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), directly modulated laser (DML) and externally modulated laser (EML) applications. The MASC-37029 also incorporates dedicated RS0/RS1 functionality to enable use with Fibre Channel speed negotiation.

These devices offer high input jitter tolerance and low output jitter with low-power and low-latency performance. The devices provide an integrated temperature sensor, supply voltage monitor, Tx power monitor and receive power indicator. Additionally, both the MASC-37028 and MASC-37029 offer adaptive input equalization, programmable LOS threshold and slice level adjust and integrated PRBS generator, checker and bi-directional loop back.

"MACOM's MASC-37028 and MASC-37029 are highly integrated, low-power 28G solutions designed to be flexible for both SR and LR SFP28 applications," says Angus Lai, MACOM's director of product marketing, High-Performance Analog. "These devices interface seamlessly with MACOM's M03002, a low-power single-channel 28G TIA [transimpedance amplifier], for a complete SFP28 SR application solution. They are also compatible with MAOM-002301, a low-power single-channel 28G DML driver, for a complete SFP28 long-reach application solution," he adds.

"MACOM's new innovative dual 28G CDR with integrated laser driver provides the rich feature set and superior performance ideal for ease of use in SFP28 module design," comments Frank Wang, project manager at Accelink Technologies Co Ltd. "This SFP28 chipset solution will enable us to deliver cost-effective, flexible solutions for both SFP28 SR and LR modules to our customers, further accelerating the deployment of 24G wireless, 25G Ethernet and 32G Fiber Channel applications."

The MASC-37028 and MASC-37029 are being featured in a private demonstration in booth #3101 at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition (OFC 2016) in Anaheim, CA, USA (22-24 March).

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