Trade Resources Industry Views Herma to Unveil New Labeling Machine at Anuga FoodTec 2018

Herma to Unveil New Labeling Machine at Anuga FoodTec 2018

Herma is set to unveil new labeling machine at this year’s Anuga FoodTec event in Cologne, Germany.

The event will take place between 20 and 23 March.

At the event, the firm will exhibit new Herma 652B system for the top and base labeling of box-shaped products.

Featuring advanced labeling technology, Herma 652B produces 100 labels per minute operating at a speed of 25m per minute.

The system features keypad with a display that helps users to set constant speed, while the integrated controller will rescue external control cabinets.

Herma 652B machine holds capacity to process label sizes between 12 x 12 and 160 x 400mm.

The machine can be installed with one or two Herma 400 labelers, helping to increase the labeling speed and maintain precision.

The new labeling machine also includes a variable speed conveyor belt, which can be easily incorporated into existing production lines.

With a capacity to process different formats, the machine offers various application mechanisms based on the structure of the surfaces that need to be labeled.

Herma sales director Matthias Holder said: “For users, this means a considerably smaller investment volume compared to a system that features a Herma 400 from the start.

“This puts some limits on performance and ease of operation. But especially in smaller businesses and when introducing new products, it is often hard to estimate the labeling output that is needed in the medium term.”

Herma labeling machines division head Martin Kühl said: “The Herma 652B enables quick, flexible, and economic reactions to market changes. That is an essential advantage for users in small and medium-sized companies in the food industry where profit margins are often slim, allowing them to stay competitive.”

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