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Impressive Mac Pro Concept Imagines Apple's Modular Desktop

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Just last week, we learned Apple was going to be "rethinking" its Mac Pro desktop computer, after introducing the new-look 'trash can' version of the desktop way back in 2013.

Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller was quoted by Buzzfeed this month as saying: “Since the Mac Pro is a modular system, we are also doing a pro display. There’s a team working hard on it right now.”

And now, the guys over at have imagined just what that 'rethought' Mac Pro will look like with a new concept design.

We know the new Mac Pro won't be available this year, but the concept gives us a glimpse of what Apple could have in-store – and it really is an impressive design.

The German site has created a mockup of both the modular computer and the display, the former of which looks something like a cross between a regular desktop tower and a Mac Mini.

Gone is the 'trash can' look of the existing Mac Pro, with the tower itself sporting what looks to be an OLED panel on the front.

The modular component is envisioned as a swivelling central unit that allows users to access the device's internals to upgrade certain parts.

According to Curved's site, the concept includes two slots for full-sized graphics cards, along with removable hard disks and SSD drives.

There's even a headphone jack, which Apple may or may not decide to include following its much publicised removal of the port on the iPhone 7.

Apple confirmed it would return to making displays this month after speculation arose that it could stop manufacturing its own screens.

The speculation started once the company began to promote LG-made displays for use with its MacBook Pro, but it seems Apple will remain in the screen-making business for now.

And Curved has made sure to include a screen design with its latest concept, in the form of a 27-inch retina display, which certainly tops the whole thing off.

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