Trade Resources Industry Views Petainer Introduces Rental Agreements for Petainerkeg Blowing and Filling Lines

Petainer Introduces Rental Agreements for Petainerkeg Blowing and Filling Lines

UK-based sustainable packaging provider Petainer has introduced new rental agreements to enable its customers to access its petainerKeg blowing and filling lines.

Manufactured from highly engineered advanced polymers, the petainerKeg is a one-way 20 or 30l keg designed to replace the traditional steel kegs.

The system, which can be used for Petainer’s petainerCooler, also helps users to reduce expenditure, total cost of ownership as well as offer various supply chain benefits.

The new agreements are intended to provide opportunity to enter new markets and expand business for breweries, wineries, cider producers and other beverage manufacturers.

No up-front fee or deposit is imposed on the new lease agreements, which can be customized according to customer requirements. Customers can also select an equipment to buy at the end of the lease. 

Petainer distribution sales director Brett Lamont said: “We wanted to develop a solution for customers which helps them grow and expand their business. 

“For many, the lease agreements will provide a cost-effective option for taking advantage of all the benefits of petainerKeg.

“We have already seen a great deal of interest in this approach because it can be tailored to meet individual customer’s needs.”

Petainer said that the agreements can be used to rent various equipments such as standalone manual systems, fully-automated blow fill lines on a ‘pay per keg’ basis, with minimal payments.

The company is currently working with KHS, Sidel and PET Technologies to provide high quality equipment to various customers.

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