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Eastside Launches New Canning Line

Eastside Distilling, a producer of award-winning craft spirits, has launched new canning line of Ready-to-Drink (RTD) products, primarily designed for the wine and pre-mixed alcoholic drink industry.

The custom built canning line is designed to produce Ball Corporation’s (NYSE: BLL) popular "slim can" in 187ml, 200ml and 250ml sizes, with 250ml being equal to approximately 8.45 ounces. The canning line is under the operation of Eastside’s subsidiary, Motherlode Craft Bottling.

The launch of the Motherlode RTD canning line will provide private label clients of Motherlode with new and innovative ways to attract and retain customers, while also extending Eastside’s reach of its own award-winning craft spirits with customized cocktails. The canning line is able to can both RTD cocktails and wine.

The RTD spirit and wine segment has seen significant growth over the last few years with new entrants and innovation, primarily due to a new wave of consumers seeking convenient alternatives to fit their active lifestyles. Motherlode’s new RTD canning line will benefit time-constrained customers that are increasingly looking for high-quality, convenient, immediate drink solutions with more sophisticated flavors. The RTD products deliver quality without the trouble of purchasing the individual ingredients required to prepare that perfect mixed cocktail.

Allen Barteld, CEO of Motherlode, commented, “We have taken delivery of on our new state-of-the-art RTD canning line. Our team is running trials on our new line. It seems to be running flawlessly on test beverages and, though we are happily having such things of water, we are looking forward to putting it to work doing its job for our customers and their beverages.”

Mr. Barteld added, “We are excited to begin processing orders. Motherlode has had a private label presence in the Northwest for a number of years, primarily focused on the bottled spirits market. The introduction of a RTD canning line will extend our reach into a new fast-growing market segment and diversify our customer base. As one of the few bottlers in the western U.S. that has this canning capability for third party applications, we are excited to start processing our initial orders.”

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