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Allied Glass Continues to Invest in 3D Printing

Two years ago, Allied Glass was the first glass container manufacturer in the UK to invest in 3D print technology, this was in order to help provide our customers with the opportunity to create a physical bottle design in just a few hours.

To build on this commitment to innovation, Allied Glass has expanded its 3D Print offering through the purchase of a desktop 3D printer.

This provides Allied's Design department with an additional resource to help meet customer's requirements even quicker

The new printer is highly accurate and produces a 1:1 smooth powderless finish.

Our new 3D printer allows us to have full control over the printing process allowing us to tailor each print to the customers' requirements.

Unlike our larger printer each product is printed one at a time, therefore its ideal use scenario is when a design has been agreed upon after having produced numerous concepts through the original 3D print machine.

3D print technology has also proven to inspire the entire company with numerous departments continually having new ideas of how they can make use of the new opportunities provided for them.

If you have any questions please ask for Andrew Hudson from our Design department when contacting Allied Glass.

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