Trade Resources Industry Views Tetra Pak Buys Ice Cream Filling Machines Provider Big Drum

Tetra Pak Buys Ice Cream Filling Machines Provider Big Drum

Food packaging and processing firm Tetra Pak has acquired Germany-based Big Drum Engineering for an undisclosed sum.

Based in Edertal, Big Drum is involved in the supply of filling machines for the ice cream industry.

The company is specialized in the production of medium-to-high capacity filling machines for the global ice cream market

Big Drum’s machinery solutions include choice filler, extrusion line, ball top cone line, rotary filler, sandwich line and smart filler.

The firm will produce individual parts as per the customer’s requirements, as well as assembles electronic cabinets in different sizes

Tetra Pak offers a range of ice cream equipment, comprising of raw material storage, mix preparation, continuous freezing and inclusion systems.

The firm also produces production solutions for moulded and extruded ice cream products.

Tetra Pak processing systems executive vice president Monica Gimre said: “This acquisition means we can now provide an even more extensive range of production solutions for ice cream manufacturers and expand our collaboration with them.

Big Drum managing directors Hans-Peter Trosse and Matthias Ruppert said: “We are convinced that we will be able to provide stronger support to our customers, thanks to Tetra Pak’s worldwide presence, extensive sales and service channels, technical support and expertise in food manufacturing.” 

In March this year, Tetra Pak acquired US-based Johnson Industries International, which is specialized in the design, development and manufacture of equipment for mozzarella cheese production.

The company also manufactures productions lines for the cheese variety. It also produces a variety of cheese cutting, brining and shredding equipment.

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