Trade Resources Industry Views Sonoco Alloyd Has Unveiled a New 100% Electric Ergonomic Heat Sealing Machine

Sonoco Alloyd Has Unveiled a New 100% Electric Ergonomic Heat Sealing Machine

Blister packaging machines manufacturer Sonoco Alloyd has unveiled a new 100% electric ergonomic heat sealing machine, Aergo 6E.

The NFPA79-compliant Aergo 6E electronic rotary machine is equipped with standard one heat seal station, one eject station and two additional open load stations that can be used to handle up to two feeders for versatile package styles.

According to the company, which is a unit of Sonoco, doing away with the need for compressed air, all machine movements of the Aergo 6E are electrically controlled.

The machine has an improved heating plate mounting system, which can be inserted by operators into a guided shelf where it is locked into place and can later be removed allowing for quicker changeovers and safer operation.

Additional features of the machine include an overload alert system, redundant safety switches, touch screen controls, an adjustable speed drive and a 36" load height to improve operator convenience.

Sonoco Alloyd plans to extend the electric innovation across its line of Aergo sealing machinery.

The Aergo 6E, which has a small machine footprint, is suitable for a wide range of market segments including retail, automotive, HBA, hardware, medical, electronics among others.

Its applications for packaging include face seal blister-to-card, card-to-card and trapped packaging.

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Sonoco Alloyd Unveils New Heat Sealing Machine