Trade Resources Industry Views Mac Papers Launches New Packaging Brand

Mac Papers Launches New Packaging Brand

Mac Papers, a merchant distributors in the Southeast US, has launched its Castle packaging brand.

The initial product offering under the company’s new brand is acrylic carton sealing tape in hand and machine length rolls.

Castle acrylic tape features a high-quality seal, superb clarity and visibility, and excellent shear strength. Superior quick sticking performance combined with controlled unwind ensures that Castle tape provides fluid dispensing on case sealing machines.

“We’re extremely proud and excited to introduce our Castle brand to the packaging market,” said Chris McCabe, vice president of packaging at Mac Papers. “The decision to offer our own product line reflects Mac Papers’ continued commitment to providing customers with best-in-class packaging solutions that, as our brand tagline suggests, ‘protect, contain and secure.’ Castle acrylic tape is the first step in building a comprehensive product portfolio.”

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