Trade Resources Industry Views Croatia's Ledo Selects Rpc Easysnacking Pack Solution for Kremsnita Dessert

Croatia's Ledo Selects Rpc Easysnacking Pack Solution for Kremsnita Dessert

Croatian-based producer of ice cream and frozen food, Ledo has selected RPC Superfos’s EasySnacking pack for the launch of its ice cream dessert, Kremsnita.

The dessert, which combines custard with whipped cream and pieces of waffle, is packaged in 210ml size EasySnacking pot.

Ledo product manager Lovro Vuckovic said: “The EasySnacking cup is a great solution. The round edges look absolutely great and the integral spoon is fantastic.

“Kremsnita is a typical Croatian dessert traditionally served in square pieces, so the square shape of the EasySnacking container is a perfect match for our new product.”

Ledo serves markets in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Kosovo.

Vuckovic said that RPC Superfos has been a packaging supplier to Ledo since several years.

Featuring convenient spoon in the lid, the EasySnacking packaging solution is designed for a range of easy meals on-the-go.

The lid is designed in two versions including a low-rise lid includes the spoon and a high-rise lid. It includes the spoon and a compartment for any kind of topping.

In 2014, Ledo has launched its family ice cream Quattro in RPC Superfos Balkan’s packaging solution.

Each of the sleek, transparent plastic pack contains Ledo’s four different ice cream flavors including a combination of almond, mandarin, lavender and crème caramel.

Made available in two sizes, 1650 ml and 900 ml, the pack has round corners and a lid which can be easy to open and reclose.

In 2016, RPC Superfos has designed new EasySnacking pack for Lithuanian food producer Viciunai Group’s surimi sticks and fish salad range.

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