Trade Resources Industry Views Comexi Increases Sales in CIS and Russia Markets

Comexi Increases Sales in CIS and Russia Markets

Spain-based Comexi, a machine supplier in the flexible packaging industry, expects a 20% increase in its revenue in comparison with 2015 having expanded its footprint and grown sales in CIS and Russia markets.

The machine supplier claims to have achieved in the said markets after the positive trend of 2016, owing to strong performance across flexographic printing, offset printing, slitting lines and laminating.

Comexi expects to sustain last year’s record sales while adding that the increment can be attributed primarily to local converters who have registered more orders.

The company said that average prices for packaging have gone up to help regional producers to develop and put in their money in highly efficient and productive equipment to make a considerable profit.

Comexi also expects a highly busy 2018 with continued increase in sales with its foray into new regions such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and other flexible packaging markets.

Comexi Area Manager in the region Rashad Ismailov said: “During these past years, clients have purchased all types of top quality presses, laminators and slitters and currently we are noticing a great interest of the offset printing CI8 technology by some of the largest companies in the area.”

Ismailov believes that firms are taking a liking in the innovative printing technology from Comexi for its quick changeovers, low costs, great time-to-market, and high quality printing.

Comexi has installed over 150 new machines in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and other regions since 2004 which includes over 60 printing presses.

The machine supplier stated that it has produced a number of equipment after making various trade agreements with other firms. For example, it has cited Tiko Plastic which had bought its second Comexi FPLUS press.

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