Trade Resources Industry Views Tomra Launches New Digital Products for Reverse Vending Machines

Tomra Launches New Digital Products for Reverse Vending Machines

Tomra Collection Solutions has introduced a new portfolio of digital products for its reverse vending machines, which collect cans and bottles for reuse and recycling.

Tomra Connect, which is a portfolio of digital products for the machines, will provide retailers with new insight and improve operational control.

According to the company, the new solution allows to bring the Internet of Things to recycling and makes the machines more insightful and engaging.

The new portfolio includes various categories of digital products, featuring control that advises store personnel when an installation requires attention and provides guidance. It also enables to secure deposit receipts and offers a fleet view for retail chains.

Analytics is said to offer access to reporting and actionable analytics, in addition to opportunities for customized business intelligence and data mining.

In-store marketing helps to turn reverse vending into a marketing and donation touchpoint, enabling retailers to communicate with customers through on-screen promotions and on-receipt entry coupons.

Consumer engagement will develop personal relationship with end users through consumer identification, loyalty program integration and managed recycling loyalty program.

TOMRA Connect also includes three new digital products, including Notify + Assist that will provide store personnel with real-time notifications and guidance when need require attention.

Receipt Control will allow to validate deposit-refund receipts and devaluate in real time at the point of sale, while ReAct will enable consumers to secure earn points to redeem rewards or make donations, and share recycling activity to social media

Tomra Collection Solutions Digital business unit head Aleksander Mortensen said: "Tomra Connect is quite a unique offering in the space. Just as smartphones made us expect more from our handsets than simply making calls, with a smart reverse vending system, your store and customers can get so much more from the recycling experience.”

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