Trade Resources Industry Views Gazprom Commissions Some 1 GW of New Power Generating Capacities in 2016

Gazprom Commissions Some 1 GW of New Power Generating Capacities in 2016

The Gazprom's Power Generation Strategy Press Conference was held in Moscow today in the lead-up to the annual General Shareholders Meeting. The Press Conference featured Denis Fyodorov, Head of Gazprom Directorate and Director General of Gazprom Energoholding.

It was noted that all of the Gazprom Group’s core power generation companies (Mosenergo, MOEK, TGC-1, and OGK-2) had shown substantial improvement in financial and economic performance in 2016. The total amounts of electricity (153.8 billion kWh) and heat (119.3 million Gcal) produced by the companies last year compared to 2015 grew by 6.1 and 6.5 per cent, respectively. The overall revenue of those companies under the Russian Accounting Standards (RUB 533.6 billion) added 17.4 per cent, with EBITDA (RUB 80.8 billion) rising by 27.2 per cent and the net profit (RUB 19.3 billion) going up by 65.5 per cent.

Those results can be attributed to, among other things, the commissioning of new efficient capacities under capacity supply agreements (CSAs), the reduction in the capacity utilization of inefficient power units, and the efforts taken to increase operating efficiency and optimize costs.

The Gazprom Group systematically commissions new power units, thereby gaining additional capacities and competitive advantages in the electricity markets. The Group’s obligations under CSAs are largely fulfilled. 2016 saw two brand-new coal-fired power units with a total capacity of some 1 GW come into service at the Troitsk and Novocherkassk SDPPs operated by OGK-2. In St. Petersburg, construction was completed for a 100 MW gas turbine CHPP, which is supposed to make energy supplies in the city’s central district more reliable, at Power Plant No. 1 of the Central CHPP operated by TGC-1.

Since 2007, when the Group first entered the electric power sector, Gazprom has brought to completion over 30 projects, constructing state-of-the-art combined cycle, gas turbine and coal-fired power units and upgrading conventional steam power units and small hydropower plants. The aggregate capacity of those units exceeds 8.5 GW. The Group has completed the development phase of its last CSA-based project – construction of the Grozny TPP with a capacity of 360 MW – and started its implementation.

In addition, the Press Conference touched upon other issues related to the operation of Gazprom's power generating facilities in Russia.

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