Trade Resources Industry Views Omron to Unveil New Temperature Controllers for Molding and Packaging Machines

Omron to Unveil New Temperature Controllers for Molding and Packaging Machines

Omron is set to showcase new E5CD/E5ED temperature controllers and E52-CA xx AY S xx temperature sensors for packaging machines at 2017 International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition in Japan.

The event will take place from 13 to 16 June in Tokyo.

Omron’s new E5CD/E5ED temperature controllers have been developed to automatically adjust temperature parameters of heaters.

Featuring an advanced temperature adjustment algorithm, the E5CD and E5ED temperature controllers will replace skilled workers monitoring production status changes, including production items and materials compounding.

Temperature adjustment need to be properly carries in the molding and packaging processes, helping to avoid quality loss resulted from temperature.

The new temperature controllers includes adaptive control technology and temperature adjustment algorithm for molding and packaging machines, helping to control temperature over the years.

As per the heater startup, the temperature controllers will automatically update parameters to the optimum values, which will enable to avoid eliminate manual adjustment work and achieve better operation of equipment and maintain productivity.

The Temperature sensors for packaging machines and automatic filter adjustment algorithm will help to cut down adjustment work.

The new temperature sensors for packaging machines can accurately measure seal surface temperature of packaging materials.

According to the company, the temperature sensor features an automatic filter adjustment function that can control the heater's temperature variations based on the measured value.

An algorithm for molding machines called water-cooling output adjustment function will enhance production capability.

It will automatically control temperature variations caused by system changes, helping to increase the production capability of molding machines.

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