Trade Resources Industry Views Nutrisystem Enters Into Health Wellness Segment With Shake360

Nutrisystem Enters Into Health Wellness Segment With Shake360

Nutrisystem has launched a new program, Shake360, to address a growing customer segment interested in optimal nutrition and clean eating.

Shake360 is on trend and serves up affordable nutrition that fits with today's busy and healthy lifestyles.

Nutrisystem president and CEO, Dawn Zier said: "The Shake360 program capitalizes on our already extensive knowledge around selling shakes to our current Nutrisystem program customers and branches out to a growing customer segment -- which includes millennials -- whose interest extends beyond weight loss to optimal nutrition."

"Shake360 meets the accelerating demand for clean, nutrient-dense, gluten-free, great tasting and affordable nutrition that fits and can evolve with today's busy lifestyles."

Shake 360 & Fresh Start Target Customers

The Shake360 launch offer includes Fresh Start, a 3-day body reboot kit designed to rejuvenate the body and help customers get on the path to healthier living.

Fresh Start consists of two shakes per day, gluten-free granola with flax and chia seeds, a morning Refresh tea to revive and gently detoxify the body, and an evening Chill tea to help achieve more restful and reformative sleep.

In addition, the kit includes a large selection of satisfying, delicious and easy to prepare dinner recipes.

Fresh Start allows customers to take the first step to optimal nutrition without supplements, fads or gimmicks, just real, healthy food.

How can consumers know if they are a candidate for Fresh Start and Shake360? The ads offer a simple, "Fresh Start" quiz, posing the following questions:

Do you drink caffeine every day?

Did you eat something with added sugar in the past 24 hours?

Did you eat processed food today?

Would you like to have more energy?

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