Trade Resources Industry Views Germany's Multivac Unveils New DP 230 Direct Web Printer

Germany's Multivac Unveils New DP 230 Direct Web Printer

Germany-based Multivac Marking & Inspection has introduced a new generation of direct web printer, DP 230, for integration in compact thermoforming packaging machines.

The new space-saving and hygienic direct web printer is designed for integration with the Multivac R 081 and R 085 thermoforming packaging machines.

Comprising a printer and a propulsion unit with x-axis and y-axis, the new web printer can print in both running and cross directions of the packaging film with cut-off lengths of up to 400m.

Multivac said: “The direct web printer is specially designed for the particular machine model and therefore forms a single unit with the packaging machine in its design and controls.”

The firm said that the machine control for the DP 230 is integrated in the IPC control and HMI 2.0 user interface of the packaging machine, allowing the printer to be operated easily and reliably.

Multivac Marking & Inspection product manager Michael Reffke said: “With the machine version for food applications, we use a stainless steel enclosure made of hole plate, which ensures that optimum cleaning can be performed.

“When the DP 230 is used however in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, the covers are designed as closed, so that products cannot get caught in them undetected.”

The firm said that the new printer’s speed has been increased by up to 15% compared with earlier models. The printer also provides the highest level of accuracy.

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