Trade Resources Industry Views Latest iPhone 8 Leak Suggests Apple Really Wants to Ditch Bezels

Latest iPhone 8 Leak Suggests Apple Really Wants to Ditch Bezels

Apple seems to be on a similar mission to Samsung and LG with its upcoming iPhone – namely, it wants to eradicate screen bezels for good.

At least that's what all the rumours and leaks suggest, with a recent report from iDrop News suggesting the iPhone 8 could arrive with a miniscule 4mm bezel all the way around.

The site even mocked up some renders based on the information from a Foxconn source, and now a new leak seems to back up the site's report.

This latest leak comes in the form of a sketch and render shared on Chinese social media site Weibo (via), and appears to show a phone with a 4mm bezel running around the entire display.

The various sensors and components at the top of the device also look to be integrated below the screen of the phone itself, which according to the sketch measures about 5.768 inches.

The phone in the sketch is 137.4mm tall and 67.54mm, almost the exact dimensions of the iPhone 7, and show the physical home button has been ditched – perhaps the biggest iPhone 8 rumour doing the rounds.

Removing the home button has reportedly caused all sorts of issues for Apple as the company is apparently struggling to relocate the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

Last week, analyst Timothy Arcuri claimed Apple was facing production issues with a component that would allow it to place the sensor beneath the display of the phone.

That lead the analyst, and many others, to speculate that Apple could move the sensor to the back of the phone, though this latest leaked render doesn't appear to show any Touch ID element on the rear.

What it does show is a dual camera setup where the lenses are stacked vertically – something we've seen a lot of in recent leaks.

The two lenses are also further apart than on previous dual lens components we've seen, which could be to incorporate the rumoured augmented reality functionality we've been hearing a lot about.

At this point, though the sketches come from somewhat reliable source "KK" on Weibo, there's absolutely no guarantee they're legitimate, so apply the usual caution here.

But it is interesting to see several rumours reappearing regularly, especially the vertical camera lenses and 4mm bezels.

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