Trade Resources Industry Views Japanese Chewing Gum Brand Uses HP Indigo Technology to Market Two Million Packs

Japanese Chewing Gum Brand Uses HP Indigo Technology to Market Two Million Packs

Japanese conglomerate Lotte is using HP Indigo printing technology to market more than 2 million of its Xylitol chewing gum brand in unique packages.

Xylitol, commemorating its 20th anniversary has released has started a campaign to engage with millennials.

The packages have been designed to showcase artwork of 20 groups of Japanese in their twenties who were invited to develop unique images for the limited edition packages.

The printing work of the limited edition packaging was undertaken by Toppan Printing of Japan. The packaging was printed on the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press with the variations created by HP SmartStream Mosaic variable design technology. 

HP Indigo 20000 had been chosen, as the printer could meet with the strict brand requirements of Lotte to print high quality and high volume on film.

HP SmartStream Mosaic software is capable of automatically generating unique graphics from seed patterns, producing one-of-a kind prints which are ideal for a wide range of digital printing applications.

The SmartStream is claimed to have created the 2 million unique packages from the 20 design patterns, designed from the 20 groups.

Lotte Japan marketing manager of Xylitol brand team Takashi Fukuda said: “In order for us to take the next step, we decided to create uniquely designed packages expressing the vision of the future from the top 20 influential Japanese groups aged in their 20s.

“By creating a vision of the future together with today’s young generation and a unique experience for our customers, we are able to engage and connect the No.1 gum brand in a new and inspiring way.”

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