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Taiwan Market: Feilo Sylvania Launches LED Lighting

Feilo Sylvania, a lighting vendor owned by China-based Shanghai Feilo Acoustics, has announced its entry into the Taiwan market by launching LED light tubes, bulbs and streetlamps.

Shanghai Feilo Acoustics acquired an 80% stake in Sylvania in 2015 and renamed it as Feilo Sylvania in January 2016, and plans to increase its stake in Feilo Sylvania to 100% by the end of September 2017.

After GE withdrew from Asia's lighting market, Feilo Sylvania has taken over most of GE's marketing staff and channels in Southeast Asia and Taiwan since 2016.

Feilo Sylvania estimates annual demand for LED light tubes in the Taiwan market at 7-8 million units and has set aside 500,000 units for initial sales targeted at enterprise and commercial users. For LED light bulbs, Feilo Sylvania will position its product prices in between those offered by Philips and local vendors. For example, the retail pricing for a 10W light bulb will be about NT$119 (US$3.9).

Feilo Sylvania also said it hopes to win local governments' procurement of 5,000-10,000 LED streetlamps in 2017. Feilo Sylvania expects sales from Taiwan to reach US$5 million in 2017, US$10 million in 2018 and US$15 million in 2019.

Feilo Sylvania is also setting up marketing bases in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. It estimates the LED lighting market value in Southeast Asia in 2016 at US$1.9 billion and expects it to grow fast due to replacement demand.

In view of smart city development, Feilo Sylvania will integrate landscape, road and commercial lighting with IoT (Internet of Things), big data and cloud computing technologies.

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