Trade Resources Industry Views Methanol Fuel to Become a Shinning Star in Commercial Vehicle Industry

Methanol Fuel to Become a Shinning Star in Commercial Vehicle Industry

Compared to the traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles, as well as people familiar with the natural gas vehicles, methanol car seems to be very strange. However, there has been some automobile companies launched methanol trucks, which allows us to start to pay attention to the new energy of methanol fuel. First of all, let us have a look at which automobile companies launched the methanol truck.

HANMA H6 diesel methanol dual fuel truck produced by CAMC

On China International Commercial Vehicles and Components Expo, CAMC mixer truck, dump truck, cargo truck and other products all debut, and the HANMA H6 diesel methanol dual fuel diesel truck was the most eye-catching.

SHACMAN methanol diesel hybrid truck

SHACMAN showed the Delong new M3000 6 * 4 urban enhanced dumper with new energy of methanol diesel hybrid power, the truck used Weichai WP7.300E40 methanol diesel dual fuel engine, with a replacement rate of 30%.

GEELY methanol light truck debut

Just entering the commercial vehicle industry, GEELY Automobile in the expo released its first methanol light truck and methanol bus. As early as last year, GEELY has developed 4102 and 6105 two methanol engines.

Except those methanol trucks shown in the expo, other automobile companies also developed methanol trucks.

SINOTRUK HOWO diesel methanol dual fuel truck

In fact, as early as 2012, SINOTRUK has showed HOWO methanol diesel dual fuel trucks in the Shandong Methanol-fueled Automobile Seminar.

Yuchai and Beiben co-developed methanol heavy truck

Except these self-development companies, another company chose to co-develop methanol trucks with Yuchai. On July 13, 2016, Beiben, Yuchai and HONG KONG FIT have signed cooperation agreement of the joint development in the Methanol Fuels heavy truck products. Finally the product will make a splash in the overseas market and focus on exportation.

The co-developed heavy truck will be equipped with methanol diesel engine, and the fuel is a mixture of methanol and diesel, among which methanol will account for 30% to 40%. It is known that the general manager of Dongguan transmission and fuel injection technology Co., Ltd came to Beiben to discuss cooperation of methanol heavy truck. After the visiting, the representatives of both sides signed the sales contract of 5 methanol heavy trucks even before the truck has been manufactured, which is the best encouragement for the prospect of methanol heavy truck.

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