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New Solar LED Streetlight from Senior LED Lighting Cuts Energy Bills

Originally founded as a supplier of solar power hardware, Solar Leading is expanding its presence into the LED lighting sector under the brand name Senior LED. In conjunction with this announcement, Solar Leading is introducing a new LED street light that boasts industry-leading specifications and high-quality components.

The new solar LED streetlight slashes energy bill and maintainance cost. (Senior LED/LEDinside)
Leveraging only the latest technologies, Senior LED is on a mission to save cities and individual companies money through a combination of longevity and low energy consumption. At a time when many local governments are strapped for cash, this kind of common sense innovation could make a profound impact.

Senior LED's new street light represents a vast, measurable improvement over first-generation designs. Its modular design means that the expertise of a licensed electrician isn't necessary to install the hardware. The battery, LEDs and PV panels are all independent components, which can be switched out as necessary.

Buyers can choose between 40W and 60W LED bulbs. Senior LED's street light can provide 365 working days of illumination thanks to its intelligent control system. The light output is automatically adjusted based on available battery power. Even a week's worth of clouds and rain won't hamper the light's performance. And unlike many typical solar street lights, which have panels positioned at a fixed angle based on latitude, Senior LED's street lights are fully adjustable to take maximal advantage of solar radiation.

Overheating is a major problem in many typical LED street lights, primarily because the units are constructed as self-contained and sealed cases. Such an all-in-one design means heat can't be effectively dissipated. According to Solar Leading, this design philosophy sacrifices longevity for convenience – some street lights manufactured this way have literally burned out after only a few months.

Feedback for Solar Leading's products and services has been highly encouraging, with satisfied clients sending their thanks from around the world. Dustin Tan from Manila remarks, "Solar LED lighting is a 'bright' idea, and Solar Leading's products are definitely top notch. All of my distributors throughout the Philippines are happy with these lighting products."

Solar Leading plans to build on today's success with an ambitious growth strategy. The company sees tremendous opportunities for solar power technology in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. At the same time, Solar Leading intends to take its Senior LED lighting brand global, with special emphasis on U.S. and European markets.

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