Trade Resources Industry Views Dow Showcases PARALOID Edge Technology at ECS 2015

Dow Showcases PARALOID Edge Technology at ECS 2015

Dow Coating Materials has introduced PARALOID Edge Isocyanate-Free1 Technology, which extends pot life while maintaining quick cure. The ambient crosslinking technology was unveiled this week at the 2015 European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, Germany.

“Choosing between longer pot life and faster cure time is an ongoing challenge of 2K polyurethane coating formulations that results in a trade-off on one or both of these key properties,” said Chuck Martz, global business director for industrial coatings, Dow Coating Materials. “With PARALOID Edge Technology, formulators and applicators don’t have to sacrifice cure speed to extend pot life, or vice versa.”

The fast curing capability of PARALOID Edge Technology can allow for faster return to service while longer pot life can provide once per shift make-up which can result in less material waste. The new solvent-borne offering also features application flexibility and is isocyanate and formaldehyde2 free.

“Current isocyanate-free offerings exist, but they require thermal cure. PARALOID Edge Technology not only offers ambient curing, but also can provide convenience, cost efficiency and an improved environmental, health and safety profile,” said Martz. “It’s a true innovation and a first in solvent-borne two component urethane technology.”

Applied as a primer in auto refinishing, PARALOID Edge Technology can offer dry-to-sand time in as few as 40 minutes according to recent research conducted by Dow Coating Materials. The isocyanate- and formaldehyde-free aspect of this product can also provide an environmental, health and safety (EHS) benefit for the body shop.

For ACE applications, PARALOID Edge Technology may be used in direct-to-metal (DTM) formulations or over primer in pigmented topcoats. Because it only requires ambient curing, PARALOID Edge Technology can allow faster throughput for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and longer pot life can reduce the OEM’s material waste.

PARALOID Edge Technology may also be used as a clear or pigmented topcoat for steel structures, tanks, rail cars, off-shore oil and gas pipelines, and more. Its weatherability makes this novel urethane technology an ideal choice for maintenance and protective coatings.

Compared to standard 2K polyurethane coatings, when used as clear or pigmented primers and topcoats for interior wood applications like cabinetry and furniture, benefits to the applicator can include shorter dry time, less material waste, and faster property development.

“PARALOID Edge Technology marks another milestone in our innovation portfolio and demonstrates our commitment to research, development and advancement in the growing industrial coatings market,” said Martz. “The broad industrial product line from Dow Coating Materials also includes MAINCOTE Waterborne Resins, AVANSE Acrylic Resins, PRIMAL Acrylic Resins ACOUSTICRYL Liquid Applied Sound Damping (LASD) Resins, and PARALOID Polyol and Thermoplastic Resins.”

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Dow Unveils PARALOID Edge Technology at ECS 2015
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