Trade Resources Industry Views Domino Printing Sciences, PAC Machinery Partner for Medical Device Packaging Solution

Domino Printing Sciences, PAC Machinery Partner for Medical Device Packaging Solution

PAC Machinery has partnered with Domino Printing Sciences to develop printing capabilities that deliver consistent and quality serialized codes on medical device packaging that will meet strict Food and Drug Administration standards for Unique Device Identification.

A pioneer in the packaging industry, PAC Machinery was one of the first companies in the world to provide machinery that could do validated packaging for the medical device industry.

Validation ensures that all aspects of the sealing process that influence package integrity must be monitored, measured, and controlled.

PAC Machinery chief operating officer Mark Goldman said: “Our focus has always been to provide innovative solutions that are tailored to the user’s unique needs.”

“We performed extensive testing, and found that Domino printers had the capability to deliver the results we required for printing directly on DuPontTM Tyvek®,” Goldman added.

By integrating the Domino V320i high-speed thermal transfer overprinter on PAC Machinery’s Clamco Rollbag Magnum HS Med medical pouch sealer bagger, medical device manufacturers can now print on the Tyvek® side of poly/Tyvek® rollstock material, eliminating the time required to apply an additional label on the clear side of the film.

 Tyvek® is a durable spunbonded olefin material that is composed of embedded fibers. This material can be an especially challenging surface on which to print. A common choice for medical device packaging, Tyvek® provides tear resistance, durability, breathability and a superior microbial barrier for packaging which helps ensure devices remain sterile.

The Rollbag Magnum HS Med configured with the Domino’s V320i printer, is a repeatable, dependable solution that will now set the standard for meeting governmental requirements for UDI.

PAC Machinery is a privately held company headquartered in San Rafael, California. The company manufactures equipment and materials that are used in the flexible packaging industry. Products include bag sealers, vacuum sealers, shrink packaging systems, medical packaging solutions, automatic baggers, and pre-opened bags on a roll.

The company has had its roots in the packaging industry since the early 1950’s, and now designs, manufactures and markets products through its family of companies and brands: Packaging Aids, Vertrod, Clamco, Rollbag Systems, and Converting Technology.

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