Trade Resources Industry Views Zhou Hongyi: After Listening to Miss Dong's Speech, I Can Not Wait to Take out a Cell Phone Fell on The Ground

Zhou Hongyi: After Listening to Miss Dong's Speech, I Can Not Wait to Take out a Cell Phone Fell on The Ground

"Like the same when we predicted on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, the direction of the Internet to see their own good hand."

December 10, 2016 - 11 day, sponsored by the "Chinese entrepreneurs" magazine, the FAW - Volkswagen Audi as the chief strategic partner of the 2016 (fifteenth) China entrepreneur leaders will be held in Beijing Chinese Hotel, 360 company founder and chairman Zhou Hongyi made a keynote speech at the opening ceremony, he said, now a lot of people on the Internet very confused, think the Internet is a big fudge. He believes that, in fact, just like when we forecast on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, the direction of the Internet to see their own good hand. But he believes that there is a logic, that is, although artificial intelligence is very hot, but today, in fact, the basic algorithm is not a fundamental breakthrough in the algorithm, it is called a breakthrough in fact there is a big data.

For many traditional manufacturing industry, how to get big data, there is a huge opportunity in the next five years, in fact, is IOT, or our country is called the Internet of things. This is the second half of the Internet, the manufacturing industry and the Internet combined with the opportunity to export. Internet of things in the future is the entire industrial Internet, or the Internet industry may be another really huge blue ocean market.

At the same time, Zhou Hongyi also made things encountered problems: when you use the Internet of things to collect a variety of big data, big data security, big data protection will become very important.

The following is part of the live speech:

Is put in the last pressure is quite big, because the front of the speech is not my investor, is my example, or my idol. After listening to Miss Dong impassioned speech, I hate not pulled out a mobile phone fell to the ground. Thanks for the invitation, they gave me a proposition: Although you are not a great revolutionary leader, compared with a great entrepreneur, I was forced into my two entrepreneurs in the industry, love to explore some pattern continuously in the industry, I hope you will give us a lot of traditional manufacturing enterprises and cheer.

So I want to share a point of view, is the Internet in China has changed the whole of China's society and the lives of each of us, the next five years, the Internet in the end of the air outlet and trends in the end? At the same time when a lot of the Internet is talking about the air and trends, the outlet and the trend with our traditional industries and manufacturing in the end what is the relationship?

A few traditional entrepreneurs have asked me a question, he said that we now feel very confused, feel your Internet is a big flicker. Because some people say, now from the IT era into the DT era, what is called DT? Is the big data, said the Internet is a big data. Some time ago, Wuzhen, a meeting of entrepreneurs said that the mobile Internet has ended, and now into the artificial intelligence. So overnight artificial intelligence has become the current outlet, basically every pig who are labeled artificial intelligence. So they are very confused, and then said, Zhou Hongyi you preach every day things Internet, IOT, advocating things, in the end you who say that right?

In fact, I want to explain, it should be said that we have to say, they are not comprehensive enough, just like when we predicted on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, the direction of the Internet to see their own good hand. But I think that there is a logic, artificial intelligence, although it is very hot, but we think that today is actually the artificial intelligence algorithm and there is no fundamental breakthrough, it is actually the so-called breakthrough with big data. In other words, I think every enterprise in how to use artificial intelligence technology to help my transition, when helped me improve my customer service level and ability, I asked a question: no big data, artificial intelligence is what you did not like castles in the air today, science fiction film, Transformers or terminator are equal to anything, or the media. The machine will discuss awareness, dominate the discussion, now is the discussion on Mars is not the problem of overpopulation is a bit early, so is the basis of artificial intelligence and big data.

Talking about big data, the problem again, many of our enterprises are O2O, big data, cloud computing and so on these hot words flicker very excited, everyone rushed to the Internet, we transition into careers, many traditional companies to learn Ma Yun, the Tencent of Ma Huateng, they all want to do the Internet, finally found the right genes. When these Internet leaders tell you big data is very important, you have to think about a problem, where your big data come from? You can't do a Taobao, could not do a Alipay today, many traditional industrial entrepreneurs did not have the opportunity to make a gene and WeChat, are actually Tencent and Ali today can be very confident about their big data, because they are in the Internet era either by WeChat to connect or connect users the user through the electricity supplier, they provide Internet based services for hundreds of millions of users, they get the data, this is a large data base.

Today many people talk about the concept of big data, big data from my point of view is to take one step further, you think about how you get your big data in this industry or industry, have the ability to obtain large data has large data, with big data, today many algorithms of artificial intelligence are public. It is open source, you can be the big data based on deep learning, artificial intelligence technology can put this outlet with their industrial connection together through machine learning.

My view is that, for many traditional manufacturing industry, how to get big data, I think there is a huge opportunity in the next five years, in fact, is IOT, or our country is called the Internet of things.

I have said on many occasions, the reason why the Internet is more cattle, not because of these people have more cattle, but because the nature of the Internet is connected. A network connects five hundred million computers, changing the way we work and get information. When a network to Chinese 1 billion 500 million mobile phone together, the number of the benefit of the network and its node is not linearly proportional, but an exponential relationship, the larger the network, more network nodes, the network is likely to make the world a connection.

Today we have a lot of people feeling that the Internet demographic dividend has disappeared, the Internet giant has been some up to almost half of the Internet, in the end, we combine with the Internet these manufacturing opportunities where? I personally think the answer is the Internet of things. Talk about the past "Internet plus" may "talk about things +" may be as small goals.

Because the next 5-10 years, not just the Internet to each of us, every computer, every mobile phone together, but we think of the physical facilities, the imagination of the devices are connected together. The number of nodes in this connection is not 1 billion 500 million, it will be 30 billion, it will be 50 billion. Many devices will be collected through a lot of information to the cloud, this is the real big data era, the size of this data will be far more than the size of the scale of the Internet Co to grasp the data.

This question has come, how do we achieve this? So in the past we talked about IOT, speaking of things, we often lead to personal consumption, such as we talked about is more smart watches, smart bracelet, but after two years of our continuous exploration, we found that things really is the biggest opportunity for many manufacturing, many industrial enterprises can bring their own the production of products, including their production equipment, through the sensor and the Internet together.

I give two examples, light is the abstract of this concept, an example is the GE, the original offer to sell many Airlines aircraft engine, GE has begun to explore, in the engine to achieve the Internet of things. Through intelligent sensors to the engine a lot of real-time data transmitted through the satellite to the GE cloud center. When the world has hundreds of thousands or even more when the aero engine operating at the same time to get a huge data in his industry, by means of comparison between these data, the depth of the data mining, GE operation condition is given for the many engine advance warning, even ahead of maintenance.

I think this is just an old American advanced enterprise example, when I recently Wudaokou Tsinghua University, there are two students in our class, they are very traditional in the factory overhaul company transfer mechanism. I don't know much about the industry, but I believe that in the cement plant in the Song Dynasty, many traditional institutions are very important, which is composed of a gear box and a gear set. But once the transmission problems, the whole plant may face production, downtime, faced with a serious loss.

In the past, the practice is to please some of the teachers in accordance with their own experience to infer, repair. They used the network I speak of ideas, they made a smart sensor, the conveying belt mechanism of many factories all mounted on the sensor, it can be real-time pressure, temperature, noise, including some other parameters, all speed to the cloud, the very much even on the real factory network.

And they get the largest of the data in this industry, because he knows, every conveyor belt, every transfer mechanism is now working. On the basis of the data, they use artificial intelligence algorithms to do comparison of these data, because the transmission does not work with will have normal data with different noise models, so they can give a lot of factories in advance warning, and provide remote detection services. If the factory has the demand, they can be sent to the scene to be sent to the scene to applaud the exclusion. So the whole is a very traditional industry using this very simple smart sensors and big data cloud technology, I think all of a sudden let it out.

So I think the new normal concept, much of the supply side reform, the words I can't, I would say such a small target, through this example I feel a lot of traditional manufacturing industry may not necessarily need overnight to learn German industrial 4 Conditions are becoming better and better., and the production line of their own into a robot. Including the 3D print now doesn't really say you dream of flexible manufacturing, customization production. In fact, I feel very realistic for many companies is how to use your IOT, try to use networking technology of a try, see if you can get the whole production line, the production of objects through networking technology connected to the cloud. If you do this, you don't need to do a Alipay, WeChat does not need to do, you can save your data in this industry and industry. So with this Internet of things technology, there is a big data artificial intelligence to become the third.

We have a lot of Internet expert when constantly talking about these popular concept, many of our traditional industries may do people feel special to the concept of truth, but just do not know where to start cutting. So I share with you this point of view, the next outlet, I think the future of Internet of things is the entire industrial Internet, or the Internet industry may be another really huge blue ocean market. May be with us today's personal consumption of the Internet will be completely different from the market. This is also a great opportunity for our industry, especially the Chinese manufacturing industry a huge transformation.

Finally to speak a little, I want to do a little advertising, Internet of things is a future air port, but the Internet of things to bring us convenience at the same time, the Internet of things to bring the greatest challenge:

When you use the Internet of things to collect all kinds of big data, big data security, big data protection will become very important. Because the big data is compromised and large data leakage may be difficult to estimate the loss, and the greater challenge is that the most cattle is the virtual network of the world and the real world together in the real world. All of the network supply through the past we call the supply of network space through the Internet of things will be from the virtual world into the physical world. So China, the United States and around the world in a question to consider is not to protect, because of the networking technology, we consider the problem is not only to protect the network infrastructure, infrastructure, but to protect the country and society including energy, electricity, transportation infrastructure, the future of things further we change the world, change our society, on the Internet of things security will be particularly important, this is our traditional manufacturing industry when your factory production line, connect to the Internet when 360 can help you do escort things, we solve the identity problem is a very important reason for delisting from the United States back and from abroad company into a domestic company, we can give the government, to the army, including to provide integrity from network security to a lot of things Protection scheme of network security and safety.

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