Trade Resources Industry Views 2016 of The Highest Value of The Ten Mobile Phone Selection Came out, Do You Agree with It?

2016 of The Highest Value of The Ten Mobile Phone Selection Came out, Do You Agree with It?

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A dazzling, 2016 is nearing completion, the release of the mobile phone of each mobile phone manufacturers have also issued almost. To be honest, if you count the number of words, in 2016 the new machines issued by the various manufacturers still really a lot. Meizu a light on the release of the 13 new machines, oh, no, is to open a 13 concert...... In addition to Meizu, millet and other manufacturers, such as HUAWEI has not been idle. Frankly, the new machine so much, all of a sudden really let people Tiaohua yan.

Lei will be based on personal preferences, a series of annual selection, no advertising, pure conscience selection. Today's theme is, in 2016, the highest value of 10 mobile phones.

Pixel No.10:Google: look good no sense of cheap

Pixel is the latest flagship phone Google this year, it changed before the Nexus series of mobile phone cheap sense. Pixel front cover a piece of 2.5D glass, and polished edge chamfer slightly curved, so that the whole rounded up a lot. As for the back design of Pixel is very interesting, is divided into two different shades of color. From the exterior view, Pixel uses the aluminum alloy + glass material (on the part of the glass, the lower part of the metal) of the shell. Although many friends could not adapt to the design, but Redknapp felt that white and blue versions of the Pixel color value is very good, but the black version plasticky emphasis, ray machine friends recommend you try to choose a blue and black version.

2016 of The Highest Value of The Ten Mobile Phone Selection Came out, Do You Agree with It?

Pixel equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor, built-in 4GB RAM, the camera uses a IMX378 sensor top, the pixel size can reach to 1.55 m, is the largest mobile phone. With the native Android7.0 system, Pixel user experience can be said to not lose apple iPhone 7.

No.9: Meizu PRO 6 Plus: a sense of vision

Just when everyone thought that this year's flagship phone Meizu, Meizu has suddenly released a real flagship phone last month - PRO 6 Plus. This phone in the design of the language compared to Meizu before the product, and finally had some improvement. It is equipped with the NFC module in the case of the back is still using a broad brush antenna design, the maximum degree of retention of the integrated sense of the mobile phone. Full metal body texture is very good, the back of the camera to do the texture exquisite carving, Meizu will finally get rid of the shedding of bad reviews, Redknapp seems to have seen before small and beautiful meizu.

2016 of The Highest Value of The Ten Mobile Phone Selection Came out, Do You Agree with It?_1

PRO 6 Plus equipped with Samsung Exynos8890 processor, 5.7 inches 2K resolution of AMOLED Super screen, LPDDR4 4GB memory and UFS2.0 64\/128GB flash memory. Camera to join the 4 axis optical anti shake, HIFI hardware upgrades, all aspects of the configuration can be called the top. Face value and strength.

No.8:Xperia XZ: follow SONY good law

SONY industrial design law is not always black, although in recent years the mobile phone does not sell zayang, but this does not hinder its product color value. XZ Xperia is SONY's flagship product released this year, the overall appearance is still maintained a "full balance" of the design concept, it seems that the emphasis on a symmetrical type of aesthetics. In particular, XZ Xperia unique ink blue, texture is the general phone does not have the.

2016 of The Highest Value of The Ten Mobile Phone Selection Came out, Do You Agree with It?_2

Xperia XZ equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, but its memory capacity is still 3GB million years! This really can not endure...... Xperia XZ is equipped with 23 million pixel camera is SONY's own Exmor R awesome, front camera also upgraded to 13 million pixels, the image is really, SONY Dafa old job. In addition, the machine, as always, support waterproof function.

Xplay6 No.7:vivo: the real double curved surface

Xplay6 can be said that this year's domestic Andrews machine emperor. Its appearance is the biggest feature than that of the eye-catching four curved screen, which is the first time in the domestic machine. This 5.5 inch 2K screen curved surface radius of 5.92mm, while the use of ultra narrow frame design, the visual effect is very shocking, and even create a similar effect without borders.

2016 of The Highest Value of The Ten Mobile Phone Selection Came out, Do You Agree with It?_3

In terms of hardware, Xplay6 is also called the top, which is equipped with 6GB LPDDR4 and 128GB UFS2.0 flash memory, the processor is Qualcomm Xiaolong 820. The camera is equipped with a first SONY IMX362 sensor, although only 12 million pixels, but equipped with a full pixel dual core focus, with a large aperture of F1.7 and four axis optical anti shake, let Xplay6 camera level yiqijuechen.

No.6:OPPO R9s: like iPhone Andrews machine

To say this year's star machine, R9 is definitely one of them, so far R9 has sold about 10000000 units, which has a close relationship with the value of its high. Some time ago, OPPO launched R9 R9s upgrade version, which based on the R9 details of a slight modification to the back with a new micro slot antenna, a split into 3 leucorrhea was originally a fine line, ray felt this way than before with white a little. In addition, R9s still retains the R9 color and the design of the full metal body.

2016 of The Highest Value of The Ten Mobile Phone Selection Came out, Do You Agree with It?_4

The configuration, many slot point R9s, it is equipped with a low-end Qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor, upgraded to the new IMX398 sensor camera though, but there is still no optical image stabilization, up to the price of 2799 yuan and its configuration is really inconsistent. However, the machine is willing to pay the price of the machine is estimated that more and more of its value it.

No.5: one plus 3T: the design of a foreigner

A 3T is a plus some time ago released a flagship product, as a plus 3 upgrade products, one plus 3T in appearance than before and without too much change, but added a new gray gun, classic Mint gold was preserved. The one plus 3 of the overall design has been good enough, so one plus 3T continuation in appearance has no ground for blame from this point before, one plus 3 hard to find a situation could see. Due to the strong ability to design, one plus more emphasis on personalized foreign markets but gained more popularity than the domestic. A new gray gun is more in line with the one plus temperament, but ray or more love the feeling of fresh and elegant mint gold.

A 3T upgrade Xiaolong 821 processor, built-in battery is expanded to 3400mAh, improve endurance performance. Front camera is 16 million pixels, the other aspects of the change is not.

No.4: HUAWEI P9: Leica forced God bless

P9 is a high-end product released by HUAWEI in the first half of this year, mainly located in the high-end business people, its back using a metal wire drawing or matte processing, whether it is a very good hand or visual effects. In addition, P9 is also equipped with Leica dual lens camera, the LEICA LOGO P9 also makes the overall upgrade a lot, to work in other places is also called the top level, such as the border of the chamfering processing is very delicate, is not a variety of thousand yuan than the performance.

2016 of The Highest Value of The Ten Mobile Phone Selection Came out, Do You Agree with It?_5

Of course, P9 also has its slot points, such as the friends of the machine is the most Tucao big black edge! This to a certain extent, the impact of the P9 value, but in general, P9 is still a very beautiful mobile phone. In terms of hardware, HUAWEI P9 uses the independent research and development of the unicorn 955 processor, with RAM 64GB and ROM 4GB, all configurations are up to the flagship level.

No.3: millet MIX: ultra narrow border is really moving

Millet products regardless of the configuration of how high the overall impression of a "grass root" feeling, this is perhaps related and millet brand culture. But even if it is "grass root" also have a counter attack. Millet MIX is released this year, a full screen concept of millet phone, which is equipped with a 6.4 inch ultra narrow border display. Screen accounted for as high as 91.3%! The body uses a full ceramic material, which enjoys the version also made 18 gold treatment, the overall grade is indeed higher than before any one of the millet phone.

2016 of The Highest Value of The Ten Mobile Phone Selection Came out, Do You Agree with It?_6

Millet MIX equipped with top Xiaolong 821 processor, 4GB RAM\/128GB ROM and 6GB RAM\/256GB ROM two versions, even low version can meet most of the friends of the machine. Millet MIX to say what is the disadvantage of this is that the entire screen design greatly improve the probability of millet MIX broken screen. Of course, can not buy is also a huge slot.

No.2: Apple iPhone 7: continue to cater to the public aesthetic

Although Apple released this year's iPhone 7 are friends of various Tucao, for example, the abolition of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. But in terms of design, iPhone 7 is still very eye-catching. The first is bright black to join, it provides the other color does not have the sense of texture, widely praised. Secondly, the antenna back processing 6S is better than iPhone, less obtrusive, especially the black version, basically do not see the line. Although the camera is still a process. But compared to the iPhone 7 Plus is a whole Jitu or less. The 4.7 inch screen is also more suitable for single hand grip.

2016 of The Highest Value of The Ten Mobile Phone Selection Came out, Do You Agree with It?_7

A10 Apple's Fusion processor is still by far the most powerful mobile processor, especially its brutal single core performance, is to let the Android camp's flagship iOS system with shame, and high color value, iPhone 7 still dominate.

No.1: Samsung S7 edge Galaxy: really really really beautiful!

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Award for this year's highest Yan mobile phone, friends should not have what objection, this mobile phone released early this year, let the opponent be cast into the shade immediately, by virtue of the hyperboloid screen really stunning one. Although the use of a double curved screen phone is now much more, but the Samsung S7 edge Galaxy can be said to have been imitated, has never been beyond. Back with a curved Corelle gorilla glass, the machine is very smooth, feel good, now many manufacturers have introduced a glass body products, but Samsung can do this level of really not a few.

2016 of The Highest Value of The Ten Mobile Phone Selection Came out, Do You Agree with It?_8

Configuration, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge equipped Xiaolong 820 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. But the biggest bright spot on the S7 edge Galaxy hardware is no doubt that the night vision device level of the full pixel dual core CMOS sensor, which makes it a picture of the effect of almost spike including iPhone 7, including all the phone. Although today we are discussing the yen value the highest mobile phone, but if you want to take this year the best mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is not the champion.

The above 10 mobile phone is small Lei think this year released mobile phone in yen value is relatively high, you may have friends in the specific rankings of different opinions, after all, Yan value of this thing, the flowers into the eye, the eye of the beholder. Overall, the design and Yan their values are quite outstanding in the mobile phone, especially the appearance of serious homogenization of the thousands of machines side today, looking for a good design mobile phone than to find a configuration of high mobile phone to too much, if friends have different opinions on the selection, welcome message in the comments area.

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