Trade Resources Industry Views Glory of The New Machine Has a Black Technology Exposure: Super Fast Charge Into a Bright Spot

Glory of The New Machine Has a Black Technology Exposure: Super Fast Charge Into a Bright Spot

The glory of President Zhao Ming in a few days ago, micro-blog exposed, December 16th will be the glory of the new release, and released the poster. The following is a variety of media people's guess and internal professional news revealed. Up to now, there are several major directions on HUAWEI glory new information: artificial intelligence, four curved screen, eye recognition, super fast charge, super high screen accounted for, and so on.

Of course, these cutting-edge technology sounds quite force grid, in fact, what is it?

Artificial intelligence: the concept of artificial intelligence is very big. But on the phone this piece is concerned, the scope of a lot of narrowing. Mainly used in the mobile phone performance is basically able to learn the user's operating habits, behavior, so as to bring the user to remind, easy to operate. For example, when you go to work every day, he will automatically remind you of the road conditions. When you chat with friends, talk to clothes, movies, locations, scenery, etc., he will provide you with the appropriate introduction, etc..

Four curved screen: just as its name implies, is the surface of the screen, mainly to bring the visual impact of the feelings. (HUAWEI glory as the Internet brand, it is likely to take the design of innovative ways)

Super fast charge: far higher than the ordinary charging speed, but the specific can be much faster, it depends on the technology itself. After HUAWEI's new super fast charging technology, graphene battery technology, if the new machine was applied to the glory of the release, then the charging speed will be faster to outrageous proportions, maybe ten minutes or half an hour will be charged.

Eye recognition: this technology can make you look like the scene in the sci-fi blockbuster, looking at the phone, he will light up. This technology is still quite fun, able to bring back the user enough interest.

These media speculated that many of the black technology is all in the HUAWEI glory of the new machine Magic who do? Some well-known media people guess there must be some reason, however, all these techniques are implemented in the new Magic HUAWEI glory, some difficulties, but may, estimated to be equipped with several is very likely.

Personal point of view: the HUAWEI glory of the new machine is the most likely to use artificial intelligence technology and four curved screen technology, from the glory of the new posters, we can basically analyze to. But with a small partner that seems to be hiding in the eyes of the posters, then the possibility of joining the eye recognition technology has become very big.

So, HUAWEI glory is about to launch a new machine is worth looking forward to the phone. If in the glory of the new machine, it is true that this technology, it is likely to cause a great sensation.

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