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xBox Game Pass Is Set to Launch Early Next Month

Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s new subscription service is set to launch on June 1, according to a new Facebook video.

The brief clip features actor Danny McBride shouting at the screen for about 20 seconds before a release date is thrust upon us.

It appears the trailer has gone up earlier than planned, as Microsoft is yet to make any formal announcement regarding the service release date.

Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that will cost £7.99/$9.99. It provides player with an instant library of 100+ games that can be downloaded directly to your Xbox One.

New games will be introduced each month, and active members can also choose to purchase them at a discounted price if they catch their fancy.

Some of games confirmed thus far include Halo 5: Guardians, Saints Row IV, Fable 3, Mad Max and Lego Batman.

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