Trade Resources Industry Views Semiconductor Lighting Industry Needs "Transformation", "Cooperation" and "Innovation"

Semiconductor Lighting Industry Needs "Transformation", "Cooperation" and "Innovation"

"We find it difficult to conduct foreign trade business of LED lights because the customers have greatly beaten down the prices, for example, the price of spotlights (3W) has fallen from $5.80in the first quarter to $3.50. The profits of our enterprise have constantly declined, and the market competition is really suffering," said a foreign trade manager of a small micro-LED enterprise in Shenzhen. From the realistic perspective, he thought that display screen business would be more profitable than lighting, and that a host of China's LED enterprises were stuck in a similar plight. The positioning of LED lighting products, whose price still remains high, as consumer goods block them from opening the market on a large scale.

"LED light sources boost the function of both lighting and optical communicating. Under the circumstance of steady market profits, in addition to LED lighting products, we lay out the research and development of cutting-edge technology. At present, optical communication has broken through the 100-meter transmission range," said a member from another enterprise closely connected with an aerospace system that is vigorously seeking the new value of LED light sources.

 "Since the 21st century, we have entered an optical information era represented by LED light sources, with lighting this about more than just the visual effect. The goal in the optical information era is to cover all the lighting functions in the past while expressing freedom and maintaining low carbon." Lighting designers hit the nail on the head concerning the characteristics of the optical information era. Additionally, some designers think that characteristics of the LED light source and its industrial features provide a hard-won opportunity to upgrade from "made-in-China" to "created-in-China." The overall innovation of the entire industrial chain pioneered by design will improve the value of the products, which needs intensified cooperation all around.

 "Transformation", "cooperation" and "innovation" seem to be the subjects of the 2012 semiconductor lighting industry. However, global economic recovery has not been clear and still faces many uncertainties. So what new problems in terms of policy orientation, capital input, competition and cooperation will crop up while transforming and upgrading the industry? Are there any new breakthroughs under new circumstances in advancing technology, lowering cost, improving products and developing market? These questions become the focus issues of the industry.

The ninth CHINASSL2012, holding fast to the trend of the industry with the theme of "Transformation, Cooperation and Innovation in the Post-Crisis Era," will take place from Wednesday, November 7 to Friday, November 9, 2012 in Guangzhou, when industry leaders from government departments, research institutes, enterprises and trade organizations will come together to discuss the industry's new strategies, tendencies and ideas.

As introduced by the organizers, the three-day forum will arrange two plenary sessions that will discuss the following topics: the new driving force of semiconductor lighting industry in the global economic situation, the transformation orientation, goal and technological path for enterprises to pursue high-efficiency and low-cost of semiconductor lighting, new measures and new tendencies of the government in supporting and promoting the development of semiconductor lighting industry, and many more. Additionally, there are various branch sessions and special events, including technological sessions, thematic sessions, regional dynamic, overseas special event, technical training, etc. It is expected that semiconductor lighting marketing and selling will attract much attention and will become one of the highlights of this forum. The sessions will not only focus on the mechanism coordination and model innovation of suppliers, manufacturers and dealers in the industrial chain, but also will discuss in depth the combination of the latest Internet trends and industrial developments, including price mechanism, cloud computing, social media and so on.

To better match with the pattern transformation and market demand of the domestic semiconductor lighting industry in 2012, and to guide the competition among the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain as well as the counterparts from both home and abroad, the organizer has elaborately planned the overall arrangement of this exhibition and will promote four thematic exhibition sections: Materials and Manufacturing Equipment, Commercial Lighting, Outdoor Lighting and Achievements Show of Ten Pilot Cities, which will give a collective showcase of the latest products and technology from all fields of the semiconductor lighting industry. As the leading exhibition organizer in the world, Reed Exhibitions will unite with cross-industry exhibition resources and share abundant buyer databases to attract quality buyers from lighting design engineering companies, hotels, commercial real estate development groups and department stores to attend the exhibition.

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