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Some Tips for Creating an Impressive Workspace

As a business grows and the desks are filling up, you may have to think about rearranging your workplace or even moving into a larger office. We want to create a unique environment that provides comfort for all employees. Trends for designing the office space are beginning to change and modernize to create a communal and team environment for coworkers. An aesthetically pleasing design starts with taking a unique approach when choosing commercial office furniture. Here are some tips for creating an impressive workspace.

Consider Open Workstations. More productivity is found through teamwork and helping with various day-to-day tasks. After all, each employee has a different skillset, and by working together they will achieve the best possible result. Open workstations are perfect for these situations since the design allows for a higher level of collaboration.

Tips for Creating an Impressive Workspace for Employees and Clients - Arnolds Office Furniture Blog

Try A Modern Layout. An efficient and modern layout is key to getting clients on your team and excited to work with you. Show your clients you’re looking toward the future, and show your employees the direction the company is heading. This can be done by flashing company goals or achievements in the lobby and throughout the office. But don’t overdo it. Avoid clutter and disorganized spaces and only use furniture where needed. A streamlined, modern environment will impress your prospective clients.

Use Distinctive Reception Area Furniture. Add some creativity and flair to your reception area. Put the personality of your office and the culture of your employees on display to provide a unique waiting area for clients as soon as they walk in the door. Different types of companies all come with different styles so whether you’re a technology company, an insurance company, or a law firm, make sure your design is in sync with your customers and your industry.

Remember, One Size Doesn’t Fit All. Every office has a different culture and set of personalities that make the company successful and multi-faceted. Don’t purchase the same piece of furniture for every branch of your company. Use whiteboards for those in need of more space for creative thoughts, and provide more space for storage (clerks and accountants) of files. Give it some thought, and choose what’s best for a particular department.

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Go Used. Used office furniture is a great way to save money while still receiving high quality furniture. Plus, you will be helping the environment by preventing the destruction of perfectly good furniture. Make your space impressive while helping your bottom line. We have a unique selection of remanufactured office furniture that won’t break your budget.

Feel free to contact us for a free design consultation. Design is a frequently-overlooked aspect of your office space. To get the most out of your workplace and provide a comfortable, homey atmosphere, a conversation with our planners will pay dividends when the furniture is installed.

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Tips for Creating an Impressive Workspace for Employees and Clients - Arnolds Office Furniture Blog
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